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Habbo Nuts Promo Header

Nuts was a form of Currency on Habbo that came after the failure of Horseshoes to entertain users into giving the promotion. Nuts was clearly a testing concept brought during Easter 2012 for users who bought credits. It was not until the end of the campaign during the first week of April 2012 that we saw the first true LTD item. Nuts came before Diamonds became the permanent point system for rewarding users who bought Credits. Diamonds later appeared in September 2012. Sulake adopted this idea personally from user suggestions, which paved the way for the future of the Habbo market. There wasn't specifically any prizes to redeem for this campaign. Users were allowed to use their Nuts to purchase anything from the Catalogue. However, the following were released for the campaign: Bensalem, Black Diner, Black Mode, Black Iced, Black Area, Black Romantique, the first high priced Habbo Exchange item, Platinum Bar, the first LTD ever, Black Leviathan, and a brand new pet range, Bunnies.

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