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Snowflakes Counter
Snowflakes were a type of Seasonal Currency on Habbo, similar to Pumpkins and Hearts due to the fact they were used to reward players for completing various (Snowflake) Quests. They were first introduced to Habbo in 2010 and could be used to buy a limited set of furniture known as Snowflake Gifts. They were untradeable (unlike Credits) so the only way to obtain them was by completing the quests. However, some of the actual Snowflake Gifts are tradeable (Ones that had to be purchased with Snowflakes as well as Credits).

The number of Snowflakes a Habbo had was shown in the top right hand corner of the screen and they could be spent through December and the first few weeks of January. After that period of time, the Snowflake Gifts section was removed from the Catalogue and Habbo's Snowflakes were wiped, regardless of whether they had been spent or not.

When Snowflakes (and the gifts) returned in December 2011, Sulake made a mistake with one of the Snowflake gifts. The 'Boar Head' was purchasable for a mere 10 Snowflakes, but could also be traded which begs to wonder whether they were meant to cost Credits too or just be untradeable. It was thought that after the festivities and Winter period the Boar Head would no longer be tradeable - many were wrong and you can often see them in Credit shops on Habbo today.

Unfortunately, Snowflakes didn't make a reappearance during December 2012 on Habbo, thus leaving users wondering if they would ever return as a seasonal currency or not.

Snowflake Gifts

Snowflake Gifts were introduced to the hotel in December 2010 and were reintroduced in December 2011 to coincide with the Christmas celebrations. The gifts were available from the Catalogue and required Snowflakes to purchase them. To earn Snowflakes, players were required to complete various quests. Users were given the entire month of December to both earn and spend any snowflakes before they were removed at the New Year. With new quests released daily, users were able to build up quite a supply of snowflakes. Although not all items were made to be tradeable, users still continued to use multiple accounts to earn more prizes. Only two gifts released into the catalogue required users to spend credits along with the snowflakes earned, these were the Cool Club Sofa and Blizzard Dragon.

Name Image Catalogue Price
Santa Calendar sf calendar1.gif 400 Pixels
Blue Calendar sf calendar2.gif 400 Pixels
Green Calendar sf calendar3.gif Not Released
Cheese sf cheese.png Not Released
Pet Ice Lollies sf petfood.gif
Ballerina Penguin sf pballerina.gif 2 Snowflakes
Hockey Penguin sf phockey.gif 3 Snowflakes
Plain Icy Duck sf duck1.gif 5 Snowflakes
Jolly Duck sf duck2.gif 5 Snowflakes
Icy Bauble 1 sf bauble1.gif 5 Snowflakes
Icy Bauble 2 sf bauble2.gif 5 Snowflakes
Icy Bauble 3 sf bauble3.gif 5 snowflakes
Ice Star sf star.gif 10 snowflakes
Chilly Table sf table.gif 10 snowflakes
Bench #2 sf bench.gif 10 snowflakes
Pod Chair sf pod.gif 10 snowflakes
Stone sf divider.gif 10 snowflakes
Frozen Ted sf bear.gif 10 snowflakes
Cool Lupine sf lupine.gif 25 snowflakes
Monkey on Ice sf monkey.gif 25 snowflakes
Ice of the Tiger sf tiger.gif 25 snowflakes
Frozen Nest 25 snowflakes
Elephant Minibar sf minibar.gif 25 snowflakes
Frozen Fronds sf palm.gif 25 snowflakes
HC Duck sf hcduck.gif 25 snowflakes
VIP Duck sf vipduck.gif 75 snowflakes
Garden Gnome #2 sf gnome.gif 75 snowflakes
Frozen Pillar sf pillar.gif 75 snowflakes
Woah Nelly! sf nelly.gif 75 snowflakes
Wild Boar Head Wild Boar Head.png
Ghost Pet Head Ghost Pet Head.png
Arctic Bear Head Arctic Bear Head.png
Crocodile Head Crocodile Head.png
Deer Head Deer Head.png
Moose Head Moose Head.png
Frozen Fish sf fish.gif 100 snowflakes
Frozen In Time sf rex.gif 125 snowflakes
Cool Club Sofa sf sofa.gif 25 snowflakes + 10 credits
Blizzard Dragon sf dragon.gif 75 snowflakes + 20 coins

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