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In-catalogue Heart Counter
Hearts are a form of seasonal currency that are released on the run up towards Valentine's Day. They are given to users for the completion of Heart Quests (quests that usually have a "love theme" surrounding them). After you have finished a quest and gained Hearts, you can spend them by going into the Catalogue and purchasing Heart Gifts. Hearts have appeared in both the 2011 and 2012 Valentine's campaigns so far.

Credits can also be partnered with this currency when it comes to purchasing items. In the Heart Gifts section of the catalogue, you needed 25c and 45 Hearts to purchase the "Holo-Heart" and you needed 20c and 45 Hearts to purchase the "Holo-Duck". This type of currency is usually removed a week or so after its initial release.

Users can tell how many hearts they have acquired by looking at the top right of the client (they are usually displayed underneath the Credits counter, but were previously displayed underneath the Pixels counter until the removal of Pixels). The same heart icon is used each year in the counter.


Here are the list of prizes obtainable with Heart points:

Name Image Price
Jelly Heart Jelly Heart.gif 15 Hearts
Jelly Chair Jelly Chair.gif 20 Hearts
Heart Nest Heart Nest.gif 10 Hearts
Heart Lights Heart Lights.gif 5 Hearts
Duck-o-Heart Duck-o-Heart.gif 30 Hearts
Disco Hearts Disco Hearts.gif 25 Hearts
Holo-Duck Holo-Duck.gif 20 Credits & 45 Hearts
Holo-Heart Holo-Heart.gif 25 Credits & 45 Hearts

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