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Clouds were a currency that were introduced on 7th September, 2012 as part of the Clouds promotion. The promotion brought 4 new furniture items into the hotel that could only be bought with the Clouds currency, the re-release of furniture from various ranges and a new White Pigeon pet. The re-released furniture were from the (Vanilla) Executive, Area, Iced, Pura and Mode ranges and, to fit the theme, they were all re-coloured to white.

The promotion ended on September 12, 2012. However, despite the fact that the promotion had ended, Clouds were still able to be used until September 16; after that time, all remaining Clouds were removed.

Cost of Clouds

When credits were bought, players also received the same number of Clouds. The following were the prices during the promotion.

Via Credit Card payment:

Clouds and Coins Price (BPS) Price (USD)
40 £5 $8
80 £10 $16
220 £25 $40
490 £50 $81

Via mobile phone payment:

Clouds and Coins Price (BPS) Price (USD)
11 £1.50 $2.40
25 £3 $5
40 £5 $8


During the promotion, four new furniture was released and could only be bought with the Clouds currency. In addition to this, a limited edition Rain Cloud effect was added to the catalogue costing 1 credit. The furniture were:

Name Image
Mountains Background Mountains Background.png
Background Toner Background Toner.png
Cloud Machine Cloud Machine.png
Dark Cloud Machine Dark Cloud Machine.png
Rain Cloud Effect Rainycloud.gif

Limited Edition Rare

On the 14th of September, after the promotion had ended, a new Rare was released in the hotel for a limited time, the Cloud Throne, for a cost of 300 Credits. The following day, the Pearl Dragon Egg was also released for the price of 150 credits. Unlike the Cloud Throne, the value of the Pearl Dragon Egg nearly tripled initially as it sold out.

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