Gold Bullion

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Gold Bullion
Gold Bullion.png
Release date May 2015
Category Super Rare

The Gold Bullion was a form of limited currency that was released on the 20th May 2015. Unlike all other Currency both permanent and limited on Habbo this was unique in the amount it was worth and unique in the way it was released.

The original release price was 301 Credits that included the Credit Tax of 1 Credit making the Gold Bullion worth 300 Credits overall. Unlike currency of the Gold Bar and Bronze Coin the Gold Bullion was available to be put in the Market Place due to its temporary release. The appearance of the Gold Bullion resembled the original Gold Bar vaguely with having the Furni in a block of 24 Gold Bars - with only 18 on view.

When it was first released Habbo reported that it was only available for a limited time therefore players should get the item whilst they can. The motto is 'Worth 300 Credits'

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