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Horseshoe Header.gif

Horseshoes points were released In March 2012 along with horse-themed quests to celebrate the newly released horses and equestrian furniture. The Horseshoes that could be won by completing these quests could be redeemed in the catalogue on Horseshoe Rewards (items that were related to horses/stables).


There were 7 items that could be redeemed with Horseshoes:

Name Image Description Price
Unicorn Hair Unicorn.png Fantastic fantasy. Can only be used once. 5c and 30 horseshoes
Plaited Hair Plaited.png A nice and tight hair style for your horse. Can only be used once. 6 horseshoes
Traditional Stable Wall Horse stable wall.png A feeling of being down home 5c and 30 horseshoes
Twilight Blue Body Dye Twilight Blue.png 6 horseshoes
Pale Pink Body Dye Pale Pink.png 10 horseshoes
Autumn Brown Body Dye Autumn Brown.png 5 horseshoes
Hay Bale Horse hay.png Stackable. 4 horseshoes
Frozen Apples Frozenapples.gif 4 horseshoes
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