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Habbox has had a very long, and not always smooth sailing history. Throughout the years, Habbox has had to adapt to the changing standards of the internet and now operates very differently to the way it first began.

2003 - 2005


Habbox was initially the pet project of Mizki, a former UK Hobba. Habbox was one of the original fansites ever created for Habbo and was an official fansite for many years, until the new Fansite Way deemed all fansites equal. From the moment Habbox was opened, it has maintained a large community and has always been a first-choice fansite for many players.

Almost from the day it started, Habbox was a hit with the Habbo community. Naturally, Habbox needed many staff to help run the site and maintain interest to ensure people kept coming back. One person who made the largest impact on Habbox at this early
stage was a Habbo called Sierk. He developed Habbox on what was originally an offer, before taking a more active and managerial stance at Habbox. After he implemented many of his ideas, Mizki handed ownership on to him. This paved the way for many brand new features, including Rare Values which was the most important impact Habbox ever made on Habbo, before the implementation of the Marketplace

Under the Management of the former Hotel Manager, Callie, Habbox became one of the first official fansites, barely a year after opening. With this new found acclaim came great rewards for Habbox. In the Habbo Awards of 2004, with an astonishing 60% of the vote, Habbox was voted 'Best Fansite' by the users. Habbox was also awarded 'Most Helpful Male' which was awarded to the then HxHD Manager, DJ-3000, as well as 'Best Radio Station' of the year.

Just a few short months after receiving the awards, Habbox unfortunately lost its official fansite status. Due to an incident on HabboxForum involving several members and Callie, the Hotel Manager, she removed Habbox's official status, swearing that it would never be regained.

2006 - 2008

Despite losing its status as an official fansite, Habbox continued as the UK's favourite and most popular fansite. Not only did loyal users keep using it, but thousands of new users registered due to careful promotion.

In 2006 Habbox Rare Values had come of age though was rocked by scandals in 2007 such as the controversial Samovar Crisis which led to stiff competition from other fansites such as HHGS and Vodor.net for the next year or two. Habbox though would go on to continue it's dominance of the rare values market even against surging rivals on Habbo UK until the merge of all the English-speaking hotels.

Over the next two years, Habbox began to grow. There were now three officially affiliated sites of Habbox - HabboxLive, HabboxForum and HabboxWorld - all of which catered for many thousands of users per day, from those who tuned into the radio to users around the world who enjoyed chatting about Habbo, Habbox, Real Life issues and everything in between.

Official Fansite Badge

On the 9th May 2008, Habbox once again became an official fansite. After the former Hotel Manager, Callie, left office and the ex-UK Hotel Manager Lost_Witness took her place, Habbo launched a new application process for fansites to become official. During this process, members of both the Habbox and Habbo public voted for Habbox to be given back its status as an official fansite. Not only did Habbox become official once more, but a new title of 'Gold Tier Fansite' was introduced to the 2 fansites which received the most votes as people's favourite. Habbox came in first place, with ClubHabbo a close second, which put them both in the top fansite category. From then on, Habbox kept its official status until the removal of this feature.
In September 2008, just 4 months after being voted Habbo's number one fansite, Habbox was nominated for, and also won the following awards: 'Best Fansite News' 'Best Fansite Features' 'Best Fansite Forum', and the most prestigious award, 'Best Overall Favourite Fansite'.

2009 - 2011

Old Habbox Logo
2009 saw the eagerly anticipated Version 4 of Habbox. Despite being greeted with mixed reviews (as it was drastically different to Version 3), it was a welcome change to keep up with an ever changing face of fansites which Habbox often moved in sync with. Many managerial changes also happened in 2009 – the most important was that of the long-time serving member of staff, Jin. He had been staff for many years; an administrator on HabboxForum and technician, dealing with Habbox sites issues and problems, until he was promoted to Assistant General Manager, Acting General Manager, then a few weeks later, Co-Owner, working alongside Sierk. To this day, Jin liases with the General Management team to run the site on a day-to-day basis.

In 2010, after almost 5 years of the same system, Habbox got a totally new Rare Values system. The tool which had made Habbox so famous and useful to its users was starting to become a little out of date and difficult to maintain with such a high volume of new rares to add and value. The high volume was also helped by the introduction of the MarketPlace in Habbo, allowing Rare Values management were able keep the values up to date much quicker.

In the Summer of 2010, Sulake decided that they were going to merge all English speaking hotels. This meant that the American, Australian, Canadian, English and Singaporean hotels would be merged into one. Habbox would have to cater for thousands of new users the merge brought with it, putting a lot of pressure on the management and staff. Until this point, Habbox had had little success with International affairs, but the merge brought a wide variety of new users, and today still remains the most popular fansite.

2011 also bought many changes for Habbox. In March 2011, the eagerly anticipated Version 6 arrived (Version 5 was missed somewhere in Version 4 updates). The staff put in a lot of effort to make sure it was successfully released, and many thought it was the best layout Habbox had ever seen. It incorporated many brand-new features which no other fansite had ever seen, including moveable content boxes, widgets, interactive content and so much more.

2012 - 2015 (present-day)

At the beginning of 2012 Habbox Wiki was made accessible to the public and since then has gone on to achieve a total of 1,385 Wiki pages as of early 2015: making it the most comprehensive database of Habbo history and information ever compiled.

In the Summer of 2012, Habbox management announced the release of Version 7, under a thread in Habbox Forum entitled ‘Coming Soon’. It was also announced that HabboxLive will lose its autonomy and will be integrated with the main Habbox site with V7. Habboxlive will still be run as an independent department however will be based on the main Habbox site opposed to having its own separate URL. Towards the end of March 2015, Felix the then Site Manager announced that he would be releasing access to version seven in beta form. General Management and Department management were among the first users to gain access to the site with other user groups anticipated to soon follow suit.

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