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Puhekupla Website Logo.png
Opened 2014
Language English
Hotel Habbo.com
Owners Mark

Puhekupla was one of the official fansites of Habbo.com. It is currently owned by Mark and is was managed by Vado,(but Left Mid August), and this team of Site Producers.

Puhekupla is based on news and information. Puhekupla was normally the first to release this information and codes about what is coming to Habbo in the future and established itself as a reliable, credible source of news for all things Habbo.

In March 2014, Puhekupla lost its Official Status after supposedly forgetting to apply for Official status when applications were open. This met with disbelief from most of the community as Puhekupla was rather popular as the go-to site for information, but yet received criticisms at the same time as some saw this as ridiculous how they were a Fansite for Habbo yet were not keeping track with Habbo itself. Puhekupla regained Official status the next time applications were open in November 2014, but by 2015/2016 lost it again.

International Fansite Reception

Mark, Puhekupla's Site Administrator, is based in the .NL hotel. As a result, some have questioned whether or not he should own an Official Fansite in the .COM hotel. Most of the staff also were based in hotels of other countries. Nonetheless, it was accepted that since Puhekupla was a Fansite specialising in providing news, not like the norm of events, etc, it should be fine as Puhekupla would not be directly involved with the community.

However, after the introduction of Fansite Events, in which Fansites were tasked to organise an Official Event where a badge can be won ever so often, Puhekupla have been attacked as Mark would have most of his items on the .NL hotel, but have to host an event on .COM. Thus, some have seen Puhekupla's fansite events as hastily and poorly put together, relative to elaborate events put up by other fansites.


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