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Habbo Quests
Opened 2013
Language English
Hotel Habbo.com
Owners Dolphingirl99945

HabboQuests was founded in late 2013 by Jay. The site is currently managed by the Owners Dolphingirl99945, Babycakes, kalesalad and Loses. HabboQuests was originally founded for creating guides on how to earn badges in the Habbo Hotel. In 2016 Habbo kept HabboQuests as a Official Fansite.

HabboQuests Departments


The biggest department on HabboQuest's. It's the job of the radio to play the latest hit tunes and interact with users through a wide array of on-going Habbo competitions. The radio delivers constant 24/7 coverage of all the best music, ranging from r&b to dubstep.


The Event Department's job is to create and host a tonne of fun events, both on Habbo and on the HabboQuests forum. On occasion, the whole of the department gets together and plans a large-scale event with a huge prize.


The News Department's goal is to deliver the news. They write about anything, Habbo, real-life happenings and their own opinions on multiple topics, though the department's content consists mostly of badge-guides which they also provide.


The Forum Department's mission is to make sure that the forum is intact and running smoothly. The Forum Moderators are given special permissions such as banning and removing threads so that all the good stuff stays and the bad stuff gets out.



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