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Opened 2005
Closed 2017
Language English
Hotel Habbo.com
Owners Skier

HabbCrazy was founded in late 2005 by Skier and Entertain. Originally, HabbCrazy was developed for a Habbo Hotel US Help Center; Habbos Helping Habbos [HHH], as the official Help Centres' Website, which was owned by Skier. HabbCrazy has had many visits from Habbo Staff such as 0rca and Grecian9. They especially prepared for the events, allowing forum users to submit questions and releasing donators and badges.

The fansite closed in 2017 after the owners forgot to pay for the continued use of the domain, leading to the domain being bought by someone else.

HabbCrazy Departments


The biggest department on HabbCrazy. It was the job of the Radio Department to deliver the latest tunes and live entertainment to Habbos with 24/7 coverage of all the best music, whether it be pop, rock, dance, rap or classical. Peak times HabbCrazy's listeners could hit about 40. The Radio DJs held competitions during their shows which many listeners enjoyed thoroughly.


The events department were tasked with planning and hosting all kind of events on Habbo and on the HabbCrazy forums. They hosted common games like Fallin Furni, Telephrase and Cozzie Change. There was also a sub-department called Campaign Planners who hosted large monthly events.


The News Department was there to keep Habbos up to date with the latest happenings on and off Habbo. They wrote about anything from Habbo to their opinions on things and was a great source of friendly information.


The Graphics artists had to create the graphics for events, campaigns and even the site design. They could do anything from an alteration to a poster of fire-breathing, furniture placing beauty. The Graphics department was slightly junior to the rest but had its own very special archiving system.

BTH Moderation

The Behind the Habbo Moderators were the sons and daughters of Habbo God. They kept everyone safe from violent nasty experiences and hosted wonderful competitions on the Shoutbox. The applications were rarely open and to become one of these rare majestic beings was a great honour.

Forum Moderation

The Forum Moderators were in charge of keeping the forum safe, clean and friendly to use for everyone. They too hosted competitions and these bring prizes such as VIP, Reputation points and more.



One day Entertain came along and offered to build Habbos Helping Habbos its very own website with forums included. Seeing this was a great offer, Skier accepted. The new plans turned out really well for about 4 months, and Habbos Helping Habbos took a turn for the worse. Eventually, it was closed, but the website continued on. A new radio was installed, a new forum and a whole new community were built. Eventually, the domain www.HabbCrazy.net was finally purchased!

The website was doing very well for about 3 months after all the changes occurred, and the community was soaring, until Skier and Entertain encountered another time management issue, and the website went idle for about 4 months, but still maintained its Official Fansite Status.


In April of 2007, after a long process of thinking, a final decision was made to re-open the website, and make it the best it has ever been. A brand new radio with a higher amount of listener space, a new vBulletin Forum, a user system, goodies, and more exciting content was all added to the website. The site was doing excellent, teaming up with other Habbo organisations, new weekly radio shows, exclusive content and news, all improved the HabbCrazy community. Then on May 13th, 2007, Habbo Hotel USA revamped their fansite program, and fansites became an even more important part of the community, which really boosted HabbCrazy's traffic rate up.


In February 2011, HabbCrazy then got another US Owner, SkullArmy to help support the US fanbase. HabbCrazy still continues to do their best to please their loyal fans, remain a big part of the Habbo community, and serve as a resource for Habbo help/safety for all Habbos.

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