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The official banner for the 2014 Habbox Awards

The Habbox Awards 2014 is a yearly ceremony to celebrate the passing year. 2015 starts off with a bang, but 2014 is far from over! Not until the annual Habbox awards show is hosted, and all community and staff members get together to celebrate this spectacular moment. The awards show gives the whole of Habbox the chance to congratulate people for their efforts in their respective departments throughout the year and the members of the forum who post around in their own little way!

The nominees for the 2014 awards were announced by Shonly on the 16th January 2015 and the ceremony took place on the 24th January 2015, hosted on HabboxLive with lesbon followed by IzzyUhh and Shonly, and a rather late arrival of Content AGM lawrawrrr.

Staff Awards

The Habbox awards were originally for staff in 2009 but have changed over time. The staff awards are still part of the ceremony each year though. In the 2014 awards there are 2 main categories which are Staff and Member then divided into 40 different categories over the 2 main; and they can be seen below along with winners and nominees. The only restriction this year is that the nominee must have been in the department for at least 2 months unless they were a manager due to applications being opened.

(Assistant) General Manager of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Shonly 14 Won
lawrawrrr 12 Nominated
Wispur 9 Nominated
xxMATTGxx 5 Nominated
Samanfa 2 Nominated

Articles Writer of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Bikini 14 Won
Ripieno 8 Nominated
Intersocial 3 Nominated
Samanfa 2 Nominated
lRhyss 2 Nominated
vls 2 Nominated

Graphics Designer of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Drew 13 Won
Paige. 10 Nominated
Intersocial 5 Nominated

Content Designer of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Samanfa 5 Won
Expling 5 Nominated
Headlines 4 Nominated
-Nick 3 Nominated

Forum Moderator of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
mdport. 18 Won
Calum0812 4 Nominated
e5 2 Nominated
Sianness 2 Nominated
Phil 2 Nominated
Nick 2 Nominated

Help Desk Staff of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
welshcake 7 Won
Inseriousity. 4 Nominated
dbgtz 3 Nominated
Absently 2 Nominated
Cassiieee 2 Nominated

Rare Values Staff of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
-:Undertaker:- 8 Won
welshcake 3 Nominated
Wubing 2 Nominated
minimew312 2 Nominated

HabboxLive DJ of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Yuxin 11 Won
IzzyUhh 5 Nominated
despect 4 Nominated
Jssy 2 Nominated
Ripieno 2 Nominated
ToxicMint 2 Nominated
Bikini 2 Nominated

Events Organiser of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Cassiieee 7 Won
Jssy 6 Nominated
Plebings 6 Nominated
mdport. 4 Nominated

Competitions Staff of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Inseriousity. 14 Won
Yupt 13 Nominated
IzzyUhh 5 Nominated
Samanfa 2 Nominated
Intersocial 2 Nominated

Site Coder/Admin of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Calum0812 7 Won
Chippiewill 6 Nominated
lRhyss 3 Nominated
Nick 2 Nominated
Matthew 2 Nominated
Phil 2 Nominated

Kindest Staff of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Drew 6 Won
IzzyUhh 3 Nominated
Yuxin 3 Nominated
Kellie 2 Nominated
Krazybethw 2 Nominated
despect 2 Nominated
Jssy 2 Nominated

Best Staff Newcomer

Nominee Votes Status
Expling 11 Won
welshcake 2 Nominated
Ripieno 2 Nominated
Zealoux 2 Nominated

Best Multitasker

Nominee Votes Status
Intersocial 10 Won
Expling 4 Nominated
Jssy 2 Nominated
Shonly 2 Nominated
Yuxin 2 Nominated

Department of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Graphics 13 Won
Competitions 8 Nominated
HabboxLive 5 Nominated
Events 2 Nominated
Forum 2 Nominated
Content 2 Nominated

Manager of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
Drew 14 Won
Absently 5 Nominated
IzzyUhh 4 Nominated
Bikini 4 Nominated

Most Dedicated Staff Member

Nominee Votes Status
Cassiieee 3 Won
Ripieno 2 Nominated
Yuxin 2 Nominated
Shonly 2 Nominated
Bikini 2 Nominated
Paige. 2 Nominated
Samanfa 2 Nominated

Best Former Staff Member

Nominee Votes Status
Empired 7 Won
OldLoveSong 5 Nominated
Sloths 2 Nominated
xxMATTGxx 2 Nominated

Biggest Shock Resignation/Dismissal

Nominee Votes Status
mdport. as Habbox Events Manager 7 Won
:odey:'s demotion as Events Manager 5 Nominated
OldLoveSong as HabboxLive Manager (INTL) 3 Nominated
Arunan29 from HabboxLive 2 Nominated
Despect as HabboxLive Manager 2 Nominated
xxMATTGxx as General Manager 2 Nominated

Member Awards

Kindest Member

Nominee Votes Status
Yuxin 6 Won
Drew 4 Nominated
Empired 4 Nominated
Shar 3 Nominated
Ms.Aquamarine 3 Nominated
Jssy 2 Nominated

Sexiest Male

Nominee Votes Status
Intersocial 5 Won
mdport. 4 Nominated
Bikini 3 Nominated
Shockwave.2CC 2 Nominated

Sexiest Female

Nominee Votes Status
lawrawrrr 8 Won
Forum God 4 Nominated
Paige. 3 Nominated
Jssy 3 Nominated

Best Habbox Couple

Nominee Votes Status
Shonly and Drew 16 Won
Absently and Pasta 3 Nominated
Charz777 and Kardan 3 Nominated
scottish and buttons 2 Nominated
Samanfa and lawrawrrr 2 Nominated

Best Habbox Gossip

Nominee Votes Status
scottish 6 Won
Yuxin 3 Nominated
lawrawrrr 3 Nominated

Best Spammer

Nominee Votes Status
scottish 16 Won
Lewis 4 Nominated
Richie 2 Nominated
FlyingJesus 2 Nominated

Funniest Member

Nominee Votes Status
FlyingJesus 6 Won
Yuxin 5 Nominated
Richie 4 Nominated
Jssy 2 Nominated
xxMATTGxx 2 Nominated

Most Likely to end up in Jail

Nominee Votes Status
Pyroka/Ryry - Paedophilia 5 Won
FlyingJesus - Saying something insensitive and insulting everyone / being annoying 3 Nominated
Ozzinator - Trolling and anger issues 2 Nominated
Jssy - Public indecency 2 Nominated

Moaner of the Year

Nominee Votes Status
scottish 20 Won
dbgtz 5 Nominated
UndeadDevilHD 3 Nominated
Ozzinator 2 Nominated
Empired 2 Nominated

Weirdest Member

Nominee Votes Status
Shockwave.2CC 5 Won
-Nick 4 Nominated
Intersocial 4 Nominated
CrazyLemurs 3 Nominated

Dumbest Member

Nominee Votes Status
Yuxin 4 Won
-Nick 3 Nominated
bolt660 3 Nominated

Best Troll

Nominee Votes Status
ToxicMint 4 Won
scottish 4 Nominated
Wispur 3 Nominated
Calum0812 2 Nominated

Biggest Flirt

Nominee Votes Status
Intersocial 13 Won
xxMATTGxx 3 Nominated
Yupt 2 Nominated
Jssy 2 Nominated

Biggest Drama Queen

Nominee Votes Status
Intersocial 9 Won
Ozzinator 5 Nominated
FlyingJesus 5 Nominated
ToxicMint 4 Nominated
scottish 2 Nominated

Best Newcomer

Nominee Votes Status
bloop 16 Won
Ripieno 4 Nominated
Expling 1 Nominated
Zealoux 1 Nominated
jrh2002 1 Nominated
xBlowpop22 1 Nominated

Most Helpful Member

Nominee Votes Status
Buttons 5 Won
Drew 4 Nominated
lawrawrrr 2 Nominated
Absently 2 Nominated
Kardan 2 Nominated
XxZammyXx 2 Nominated

Most Knowledgeable Member

Nominee Votes Status
-:Undertaker:- 5 Won
buttons 4 Nominated
The Don 3 Nominated
xxMATTGxx 3 Nominated
Intersocial 3 Nominated

Biggest Habbox Drama

Nominee Votes Status
Drew revealed as catfish 12 Won
Ozzinator v ToxicMint 5 Nominated
:odey:'s demotion 1 Nominated
Doymaniac's activities 1 Nominated
Downtime 1 Nominated

Best Catfish

Nominee Votes Status
XxZammyXx 20 Won
Drew 18 Nominated
lemons 3 Nominated
Ms.Aquamarine 2 Nominated

Biggest Habbox Shock

Nominee Votes Status
xxMATTGxx becoming co-owner of Habbox/Wispur becoming General Manager 10 Won
v7 not being released 2 Nominated
General Management listening to suggestions 2 Nominated
Action plan being published 2 Nominated

Best Overall Member

Nominee Votes Status
Yuxin 6 Won
scottish 2 Nominated
The Don 2 Nominated
Buttons 2 Nominated
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