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Group Pages were dedicated pages for Groups to make themselves unique and display information such as the number of members, as well as allow for posts to made in a special Group Forum.

Group Pages


Group Forums (Old)

Forums Screenshot

Group Forums are very similar to other forums on the internet. Habbos are able to create threads, make posts and participate in events that the Group leader hosts. Some Habbos choose to stick with one forum, and make it their home, whereas others use several different forums, which are not necessarily related. During October 2011, Sulake introduced a new group system, these new groups only have a forum, as opposed to the old groups which had a homepage too. While these old group homepages are still accessible, they no longer appear next to badges in the client.

Famous Groups

There are many old groups with forums. Here are some forums from older groups which are popular:

  • Answers
  • B4dge
  • Fierycold
  • Internet Saftey

Most popular groups are from staff, who create them for causes, such as Earth Hour and Childline. Since Sulake introduced the new system, there are have been far fewer forums as the original appeal was the group homepage. Further, the new groups are also currently limited to users with an active VIP subscription.

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