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My Characters is a handy widget on the Habbo home page. It allows you to have more than 1 character per ID. This means you can have multiple personalities if you wanted to do that. You are able to have up to 50 Habbos on 1 ID and easily switch between each character using the Characters widget itself.

Small, but cool features include:

  • Having your last time logged on next to your character
  • Your Habbo look
  • Ability to change through characters quick and easy

How to add a Character

If you ever feel that it's time for that name change you have always wanted, now is your chance. You are able to add a character by logging into the old Habbo version,, then scrolling down to the bottom of your "My Characters" list or go to "Identity Settings" then "My Characters". Once you have done that click "Add Character", or if you clicked Identity Settings, there will be a white button under your last played character, the button says +Add. Once you click that it will take you to naming your Habbo.

Once you have completed all of the name information, you now have a fresh character which is ready to be used.

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