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.:RC-Boy:.. also known as the Sheriff Deputy is a fansite owner & former Habbo Guardian. The fansites he currently works on are HabboHelpers and Bubblejuice.

RC was one of the first helpers selected by the Habbo Staff, who worked together with the Ambassadors in an official helpers programme on Habbo NL/BE. After he stepped down as a helper from the programme he remained active as fansite owner for both of his fansites, often cross-Tweeting between the two to share updates and safety tips.


Originally from: [[]] (?)
Known for: HabboHelpers / Bubblejuice / Guardian
Also known as: .:RC-Boy:.
Habbo Player
Known for: .:RC-Boy:. is known for his dedication to help others. Fansite owner of HabboHelpers & Bubblejuice. He was also an official helper selected by the staff at Habbo NL/BE (Habbo Help Centre)