Flame of Faith

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Flame of Faith
Release date: June 2012
Rare Values
Category: Unknown

The Flame of Faith is a Golden Trophy with no inscription. It depicts an avatar holding a lit torch and also has a golden H underneath it. The avatar symbolises the global mute that affected all Habbo Hotels for over two weeks. The torch symbolises the candlelit vigils that various players have created over The Great Mute period by holding protests in rooms such as the Welcome Lounge.

The Trophy is unfortunately not tradeable or stackable but shows the support players have for the company Sulake. It was issued to those who logged on during the mute (on a specific time or day) and is no longer given out for logging on.

This is also the 14th Trophy released on Habbo.com which has no inscription/pop-up box (Niko Trophies are included in the list of 14 due to their pop-up not being a text box in which a user could write a message, but instead an advertisement for the game) with the MTV EMA Trophy, Basket Ball Trophy and Gold/Silver/Bronze trophies being a few other examples.