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Ducks are a very common furniture items that do not have their own official category. They were first introduced into the catalogue via the Bathroom furniture range and have become one of the most recognisable features of Habbo, even received their own celebratory event, Rubber Duckie Day in 2011. They are very common items and usually found in 2/3/4 for 1 credit shops. To date, there have been 20 different Ducks released.


Name Image Motto Name Image Motto
Rubber Duck RUBBERDUCK.png You're the one. Valentine's Duck Valentine's Duck.png Quackers
Wannabe Duck Spring Duck.png Follow the white rabbit... Christmas Duck Christmas Duck.gif Dressed for the holidays
Jolly Duck
Jolly Duck.png
Quack... brrr… quack. Plain Icy Duck
Plain Icy Duck.png
It's quack-tastic!
Bloody Duck Bloody Duck.png Blood, but no guts Gory Duck Gory Duck.png With added ectoplasm
Duck Frank
Duck Frank.png
Mallard Frankus Skeleduck Skeleduck.png Someone forgot to feed me...
The Black Duck
The Black Duck.png
Black Duck Shooter HC Trial - 7 Days
HC Trial - 7 Days!.png
Seven days of HC with a free Duck!
HC Duck
VIP Duck.png
N/A Afro Duck
Afro Duck.png
The pool is always open for ducks
Scuba Duck
Scuba Duck.png
Ducks love water Zombie Duck
Zombie Duck.png
Mystic Duck
Mystic Duck.png
They came and they went, leaving behind their most prized duck. New Timer Ingredient Small gift bff b.png N/A
Old Timer Ingredient Small gift bff a.png N/A Sunset Cafe Duck Sunsetcafe c20 duck.png sunsetcafe_c20_duck desc