Cut Sunflower

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Cut Sunflower
Release date: 2000
Rare Values
Category: Plants

The Cut Sunflower is a 1-tiled potted Sunflower that has been in Habbo since the beginning. The Cut Sunflower cost 3 Credits and can be found in the Vegetation section of the Catalogue under the Outdoor Furni tab. The sunflower is a decorative object but in late 2011 with an major Hand Items update it is possible to double click it to get a Sunflower handitem.

The Cut Sunflower was in the beginning also part of a deal. The deal could be bought for 5 credits and contained a Cut Sunflower, Gray Occasional Table, red hearted Doormat and a green Floor Rug. Considering this was part of a deal, many people saw the sunflower as a 'junk' item.