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Joined habbo: 12-May-2007
HxF username: Chippiewill
Also known as: Will
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Content Design Management

Chippiewill is a former Site Coder who was asked to leave the role on 1st March, 2014. Before this role, he was the Content Design Manager during 2012-2013, along with Zuth and Skynus. He worked mainly on the Wiki side of Content during his role as Manager. Chippiewill was recently working on, coding towards the Version 7 of Habbox, until his dismissal in March 2014.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Site Coder 11-Jan-2013 01-Mar-2014
Content Manager 09-Aug-2012 11-Jan-2013
Assistant Content Manager (Wiki) 30-July-2012 09-Aug-2012
Senior Content Designer (Wiki) 03-Apr-2012 30-Sep-2012
Content Designer 15-Feb-2012 03-Apr-2012