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HxF username: Zuth
Also known as: Ben
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Content Design Management

Zuth is a former staff member at Habbox. He joined Habbox in 2010 and quickly joined the Content Design department, being appointed to manager in late 2011. His former roles include Content Manager, Forum Moderation, Graphics Designer, Help Desk Staff, and Events Organiser. Some of his more noteworthy achievements include being named Staff of the Month for 4 months in a row. He was dismissed as Habbox staff on 6th August 2012 and is currently banned from Habbox Forum.

Habbox Roles

Role Start End
Forum Moderator 15-Mar-2012 11-July-2012
Trialist Graphics Designer 28-Jan-2012 13-Feb-2012
Events Organiser 25-Oct-2011 08-Nov-2011
Help Desk Staff 09-Oct-2011 16-Oct-2011
Content Design Manager 24-Aug-2011 06-Aug-2012

HabboxForum Awards

Award Issue Date
HabboxWiki Top Contributer 19-Mar-2012
Member of the Month 10Apr-2011
Habbox Donator 15-Feb-2011
2500 Posts 05-Dec-2011
1000 Posts 09-Apr-2011
Habbox Christmas 2010 29-Jan-2011
Habbo UK 29-Jan-2011
Official Habbox Group 29-Nov-2010
Habbox Facebook 04-Oct-2011
Habbox Twitter 12-Feb-2011
HabboxForum Bunny Hunt 23-Apr-2011
Habboxforum Bunnyhunt Third Place 29-Apr-/2011
1 Year Milestone 04-Oct-2011
Habbox Christmas 2011 02-Feb-2012