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Joined habbo: 22-Nov-2005
HxF username: Alkaz
Also known as: 088!
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): General Management
Content Management
Graphics Management
Help Desk Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Assistant General Manager (Content)
Habbox God
Reason(s): For being active for 10 years
Habbox Legend
Reason(s): Being on the Forum for over 15 years

Headlines, also known as Alkaz, is a former Assistant General Manager (Content) and Content Design Manager.

Alkaz joined Habbox originally in 2005. It wasn't until December 2006 that he became Habbox staff. Over the following year or so he held many roles such as Rare Values Reporter, Events Organiser, Content Designer and Help Desk staff. In 2998 he became the Assistant Habbox Help Desk Manager, and then went on to become Habbox Help Desk Manager. During a hiatus from Habbox in 2009, Alkaz also served as the Articles Manager on the fansite HHGS.

After returning to Habbox in late 2009, Alkaz rejoined the Content Design department where he was soon promoted to Assistant Content Design Manager. Just 4 days later he was promoted to Assistant General Manager (Content). He stayed in this role for over a year before finally resigning from Habbox. Since then, Alkaz has returned to Habbox in many minor roles, including Graphics Manager in 2011. On the 27th April 2014, Alkaz received a promotion from Content Design staff to run the Content Design department for the second time, after the departure of the then manager, rnix. He later resigned at the beginning of October in 2014. Former Senior Content Designer, Samanfa, took over the role as Content Design Manager.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Content Designer 27-Sep-2017 08-Nov-2017
Help Desk Staff 07-Feb-2015 18-Mar-2015
Content Designer 03-Dec-2014 14-May-2015
Content Design Manager 27-Apr-2014 04-Oct-2014
Content Designer 01-Apr-2014 27-Apr-2014
Graphics Designer 01-Apr-2014 08-Apr-2014
Content Designer 16-Jul-2012 27-Aug-2012
Graphics Manager 15-May-2011 29-May-2011
Assistant General Manager (Content) 22-Jan-2010 03-Feb-2011
Content Design Manager 22-Jan-2010 30-Oct-2010
Assistant Content Design Manager 18-Jan-2010 22-Jan-2010
Graphics Designer 05-Jan-2010 15-May-2011
Help Desk Staff 29-Dec-2009 24-Jan-2010
Head Rare Values Reporter 21-Dec-2009 22-Jan-2010
Events Organiser 13-Dec-2009 24-Sep-2009
Content Designer 28-Sep-2009 18-Jan-2010
Graphics Designer 18-Sep-2009 21-Dec-2009
News Reporter 05-Sep-2009 27-Sep-2009
Rare Value Reporter 05-Aug-2009 17-Sep-2009
Competitions Staff 28-Nov-2008 27-Dec-2008
Forum Moderator 16-Nov-2008 28-Jan-2009
Help Desk Staff 16-Nov-2008 19-Nov-2008
Writer 13-Jun-2008 24-Nov-2008
Forum Moderator 09-Jun-2008 23-Sep-2008
Help Desk Manager 11-Apr-2008 18-May-2008
Head Rare Values Reporter 10-Feb-2008 16-Mar-2009
Events Organiser 04-Feb-2008 14-Feb-2008
Assistant Help Desk Manager 21-Jan-2008 11-Apr-2008
Senior Content Designer 20-Jan-2008 16-Mar-2009
Forum Moderator 15-Jan-2008 28-Jan-2008
Rare Value Reporter 13-Jan-2008 10-Feb-2008
Help Desk Staff 22-Oct-2007 21-Jan-2008
Rare Value Reporter 16-Oct 2007 02-Dec-2007
Competitions Staff 02-Oct-2007 24-Oct-2007
Content Designer 27-Jun-2007 20-Jan-2008
Rare Value Reporter 05-May-2007 27-Aug-2007
Events Organiser 28-Apr-2007 Unknown
Hufflepuff Head 31-Jan-2007 14-03-2007
Help Desk Staff 09-Jan-2007 27-Aug-2007
Hufflepuff Prefect 30-Dec-2006 31-Jan-2007

Awards and Nominations

Ceremony Date Award Result
Habbox Awards 2014 Jan 2015 Content Designer Of The Year 2014 Nominated
Jan 2009 Content Designer Of The Year 2008 Won
Values Reporter Of The Year 2008 Won

HabboxForun Awards

Award Date Issued
Happy New Year (2014) 03-Jan-2010
Forum Updated Award 18-July-2010
2500 Posts 12-June-2010
1000 Posts 09-July-2010
Limited Edition Donator (Valentines) 12-Feb-2011
Habbox Christmas 2010 08-Dec-2010
Habbox Donator 12-June-2010
8 Year Milestone 29-Nov-2013
7 Year Milestone 18-Nov-2013
6 Year Milestone 18-Nov-2013
5 Year Milestone 18-Nov-2013
4 Year Milestone 30-Sep-2012
3 Year Milestone 25-Apr-2012
2 Year Milestone 29-Sep-2010
1 Year Milestone 12-June-2010
Habbo UK 12-June-2010
Official Habbox Habbo Group 15-Oct-2010