The Coin Club

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The Coin Club
CoinClub badge.png
Opened 2019 - Present

Homeroom for The Coin Club (Current)

The Coin Club[1] is a group on (International) which was created on March 17 2019 and officially opened September 29 the same year.

The Coin Club is dedicated towards promoting rare trading and encouraging users to aim for new heights in terms of wealth on the hotel. The club consists of several "Coin Clubs" which represent various tiers of wealth, i.e: 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 75k and 99k+ credits. These groups are request-only and require an audit by a group admin to gain entry. This is done, in their own words, to "keep the authenticity of the group, and to not undermine the hard work and time spent by traders to increase their wealth." The various Coin Groups can be seen as milestones that profiteers can aim to reach in their trading endeavors.

Member Count

As of 5 July 2020, there are 2,100 Members in the main Coin Club group, with the following amount of users in each individual tier of wealth:

99k Club 75k Club (New) 50k Club 25k Club 10k Club 5k Club
24 10 23 36 46 43


The Coin Club has a total of 5 owners, these owners are responsible for auditing users that wish to join any of the Coin Clubs. Below are the current owners of The Coin Club:

User Coin Club
Euro 99k+ Club
Graspingg 99k+ Club
Nicco 99k+ Club
Rebloggers 99k+ Club
PokaMoke 25k Club

Group Homeroom

The Group homeroom is home to many notable rares. The estimated total value of the room exceeds 700,000 credits, with a major portion of that value consisting of various Ultra Rares i.e: The Moodi Machine, Fuchsia Ice Cream Maker and Pink Dragon Lamp.

Below are some of the rares in the room that are worth over 2,500 credits per.

Item Owner Amount Updated
Fuchsia Ice Cream Maker Euro 1 27-Apr-2020
Purple Ice Cream Maker Euro 2 27-Apr-2020
The Moodi Machine amro45 1 25-Jun-2020
Fuchsia Ice Cream Maker Amro45 3 06-July-2020
Pink Dragon Lamp Amro45 2 06-July-2020
Navy Giant Pillow Rebloggers 2 14-May-2020
Block Competition Finalists Graspingg 1 27-Apr-2020
Robot Dinosaur Graspingg 3 25-Jun-2020
prizetrophy_room2_gname Graspingg 1 27-Apr-2020
2009 Habbo Trophy Graspingg 1 27-Apr-2020
Brown Powered Fan Graspingg 1 15-Mar-2020
Yellow Powered Fan Graspingg 1 15-Mar-2020
Brown Powered Fan Rach 1 27-Apr-2020
Yellow Powered Fan Rach 2 14-May-2020
Purple Smoke Machine Rach 2 23-Apr-2020
RoboBoy Face PokaMoke 4 27-Apr-2020
Mystic Duck Rach 2 14-May-2020
Silver Pillow Rebloggers 2 14-May-2020
Book of Habbo Knowledge I Paparazzi 1 25-Jun-2020
Pink Laser Portal Rach 1 14-May-2020
Golden Dragon Nicco 20 25-Jun-2020
Silver Dragon Lamp Nicco 20 25-Jun-2020
Bronze Dragon Lamp Nicco 20 25-Jun-2020
Pink Dragon Lamp Nicco 2 25-Jun-2020
Infobus Nicco 1 25-Jun-2020
The Big Pixel Wave Nicco 1 25-Jun-2020
The Big Pixel Wave Rebloggers 1 25-Jun-2020