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Joined Habbo 8-Jul-2017
Gender Female
Originally from (?)
HxF username Malva
Also known as Malva
Habbox Staff
Current role(s) Rare Values Manager (Nov 2020 - )
Content Designer (May 2020 - )

Graspingg, also known as Malva, is a player from Sweden/Russia. She is currently staff in the Rare Values department. She began playing Habbo in 2008 on the Russian Hotel, and later the Swedish Hotel from 2009-2015. In 2017 she joined and has since established a reputation as a well known and rich player in the rare trading community. She's also one of the owners in the wealth gaining group The Coin Club, as well as a moderator in the popular rare trading forum Ultra Rare Trade.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date Duration
Rare Values Manager 07-Nov-2020 Ongoing Ongoing
Content Designer 23-May-2020 Ongoing Ongoing
Senior Rare Values Staff 07-Feb-2020 07-Nov-2020 274 days
Rare Values Staff 22-Sept-2019 07-Feb-2020 138 days

Rare Rooms & Collaborations

The Coin Club

Homeroom for The Coin Club

Graspingg is one of the five owners of The Coin Club. The Coin Club is currently one of the most expensive rooms on the international hotel with an estimated value of over 700,000 Credits.
You can find the room here.



  • Is friends with Brazilian Habbo Youtuber Emiseis.
  • Is one of the six The Coin Club owners.
  • Has a total wealth of over 99,000 Credits.
  • Is part of the ROBO SQUAD.