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HabboPet HorseAnim.gif
Species: 4
Release date: Oct. 2011
Catalogue Price: 20 Credits

Horses are pets on Habbo that were released on October 11th 2011. They're the first pets that have been released that have the ability to be ridden by players, as well as allowing players to fully customise them after they have been purchased. There are four species available and four different 'versions' of each species to choose from, each costing 20 Credits each. Horses are available to be purchased in the Catalogue under the 'Pet Horse' section and a list of all Horse Accessories can be found on our Pet Accessories page.

In order to be able to ride a horse, the owner needs to buy a Saddle. The Saddle can be bought from the Catalogue for the price of 5 Credits and can be found under the 'Saddles' section under 'Pet Horse'. Once a saddle has been placed on the horse, the owner can then decide whether or not to allow their friends to ride the horse too - this option can be altered at any time they wish if a player changes their mind.

Shortly after the release of horses, achievements were also released that could only be obtained through horse riding.


There are four different breeds of horses to choose from and four 'versions' of each breed. Each breed has a different pattern on their coat and each 'version' will be a different colour. The available breeds are:

  • Arabian
  • Appaloosa
  • Mustang
  • Icelandic


Once a player has selected and bought the breed they want, they can use hair and body dyes to customise their Horse even further. There are various hair styles and dyes found under the Horse Pet section of the Catalogue. Each body and hair dye can only be used once, but more than one dye can be applied to a single Horse to make it unique.

Body Dye

(Body) Dye Name Image Price
Dye Dye1.png 5 Credits
Loyal Beige Loyal Beige.png 1 Credit
Acorn Brown Acorn Brown.png 1 Credit
Chestnut Chestnut2.png 1 Credit
Ghostly Grey Ghostly Grey.png 1 Credit
Autumn Brown Autumn Brown.png 2 Credits
Bubblegum Pink Bubblegum Pink.png 2 Credits
Sky Blue Sky Blue.png 2 Credits
Eggshell White Eggshell White.png 2 Credits
Demon Black Demon Black.png 5 Credits
Pearly White Pearly White.png 5 Credits
Marine Green Marine Green.png 2 Credits
Ochre Ochre.png 2 Credits
Twilight Blue Twilight Blue.png 2 Credits
Pale Pink Pale Pink.png 5 Credits

Hair Dye

(Hair) Dye Name Image Price
Dye Dye2.png 2 Credits
Dye Dye3.png 2 Credits
Dye Dye4.png 2 Credits
Dye Dye5.png 2 Credits
Dye Dye6.png 2 Credits
Sand Sand.png 1 Credit
Chestnut Chestnut.png 1 Credit
Russet Russet.png 1 Credit
Brandy Brandy.png 2 Credits
Rose Rose.png 2 Credits
Pearl Pearl.png 2 Credits
Elm Elm.png 2 Credits
Moccasin Moccasin.png 2 Credits
Ash Ash.png 2 Credits
Whiskey Whiskey.png 2 Credits
Applewood Applewood.png 2 Credits


Hairstyles Image Price
Unicorn Unicorn.png 15 Credits
Traditional Traditional.png 3 Credits
Free FreeHorse.png 3 Credits
Plaited Plaited.png 3 Credits
Wild Wild.png 3 Credits
Braids Braids.png 3 Credits
Pegasus Wings Pegasus.png 3 Credits (No longer in shop)
Reindeer Antlers ReindeerHorse.png 5 Credits (No longer in shop)


There are four sets of Achievements for players to earn. The first bunch of achievements requires a player to jump a certain number of times with their Horse. The second bunch of achievements requires a player to have their friends Horses jumping in their room. The third bunch of achievements requires a player to jump a certain number of times in a row over obstacles. The final bunch of achievements requires that players let a fellow Habbo ride their horse.

The achievement badges a player can earn can be seen below:

ACHIV HorseJumping.gif
ACHIV HorseJumping RoomHost.gif
ACHIV HorseJumping Consecutive.gif
ACHIV Horse Rent.gif
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