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The Streets of Bobba was an major event in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Events differed between each hotel. What some hotels had in 2006 could possibly later be done in 2008 in another hotel and so on.


The Furniture line for the Streets of Bobba event was very sparse, and most of the furniture used in this line has been later used in other lines and bundles. The rug wasn't buyable and has been given out later. added the windows of the Virus furni to this line in 2009.

Name Image Catalogue Price
Chalk Outline Sob corpse.png 3 Credits
Bullet Hole Sob hole (1).png 2 Credits (5 Credits for 10)
Crime Divider Sob rope.png 5 Credits
Bobba Carpet Sob rug.png Free release

Streets Of Bobba 2006

Habbo Netherlands & Habbo France

Four gangs settled in Habbo Netherlands and Habbo France. Those gangs had groups which Habbos could join. The groups were led by 'gang bosses' each with their own Habbo character and room within the hotel.

Gang Leaders

Dino Bobbaschi

ItaloDude.gif Dino Bobbaschi was the leader of the Familiglia Bobbaschi. 'Papa' Dino is said to be the name giver of the word 'Bobba'


PunkDude.gif Sp!KeSt!Cker was the leader of the Furnihilists. He had a fascination for the future.

Foxy Ball

AfroKirl.gif Foxy Ball was the leader of the Bouncing Queens.


KungFu girl.gif JennyCrazyKix was the leader of the Shabbolins.


Name Description Image
Bouncing Queens Bouncing Queens gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006. SB1.gif
Bobbaschi Bobbaschi gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006. SB2.gif
Shabbolins Shabbolins gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006. SB3.gif
Furnihilists Furnihilists gang member on the Streets Of Bobba September 2006. SB4.gif

Habbo USA

The following paragraphs are text taken directly from the Habbo articles concerning this event.


Streets header 468x70.png

Chaos has erupted in the hotel as Kedo, Hotel Manager, has gone missing from the Hotel. Other Habbo Staff are coming forth and making a grab for power, each of them forming their own following of Habbos. The crazed iomegadrive has formed The Emo Oranges in an attempt to overthrow and take over power in Habbo USA. A surprised Luna has formed the Fashion Friendly Fighters to try and save Kedo, while Jeffoo is seeing red and wants to claim the Hotel for herself, founding Jeffoo's 'Foo Fighters.

Most recently, a group of Habbos have come forward, claiming to be a secret agency with loyalties to Kedo. This group, calling themselves Special Forces Kedo, is led by the mysterious Ghost, and has come forward with many pieces of key information concerning each of the gangs.

This is a dangerous time to be on Habbo, where your friends may be enemies and your enemies friends. But in the end...

Who will you side with?

The Emo Oranges

Emo topstory.png YES!

It’s finally happening. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long, I thought I’d go mad waiting for it. But now… now it’s time for the Emo Oranges to assemble!

Kedo’s gone, the Hotel is in flux, and here I am, in the most opportune situation. Hiding the existence of the real Emo Oranges for so long now I’ve forgotten just how crazy they were. And now, they’ll finally be released!

The Emo Oranges are actively recruiting and I want YOU to join ME, as I fight to the top and attempt my coup d'état. It’s time for the Emo Oranges to reclaim what is rightfully theirs and take the power back!

Join me if you dare, or get out of my way!

The Fashion Friendly Fighters

Lfff topstory.png For those of you who like to kick butt and look good doing it, I’ve got the crime-fighting clique for you! I’d like to cordially invite you to become part of the Fashion Friendly Fighters…we’re smart, we’re tough, we’re fierce, but above all things, we’ve got a killer sense of style.

Style aside, we’ve got a huge task before us: we have to save Kedo! The future of Habbo Hotel US is in our hands and I’m pretty confident we have what it takes to make Kedo proud, restore peace to the hotel and make it back in time to throw an awesome victory party.

So, please, join me in what is sure to be dubbed the best looking group in Habbo, Luna’s Fashion Friendly Fighters. I can’t do this without YOU, fabulous Habbos!

The 'Foo Fighters

Jff topstory.png Get ready Foo Fighters, cuz this is the fight of your LIFE! Are you with me? Then get your RED on! We are ready to take over Hotel USA! Join me, Jeffoo, and become a ‘Foo Fighter as we use our boogie banning stix to take over Hotel USA! Kedo couldn’t handle the pressure, so let’s step up to make Hotel USA the coolest, the disco-est the ROCKIN-est hotel around!

How will be prevail, you ask? Why our boogie banning stix can slash and dash away the scammers, the cammers, the blockers and the bullies—BUNZ STYLE! AND…we can disco the boogie on down while we do it!

If you want to be a ‘Foo Fighter, get your red on! I wanna see Bunz, red-heads, red tops and red trousers infiltrating all aspects of this hotel: shake that shimmy on dowwwwwn! Don’t have Bunz? NO PROBLEMO! Just turn that head of yours RED and I’ll know, that you are part of THE elite Foo Fighting machine. Each red ‘Foo Fighter should have a mission statement that will read: [Foo Fighter] Carrying: Boogie Banning stick!

Are you up for this challenge? Only the reddest habbos can handle it, so join me and your fellow ‘Foo Fighters today!

Special Forces Kedo

Sfk topstory.png Greetings Habbo,

We are transmitting to you from a secret location within Habbo USA and there’s no time waste. At any moment iomegadrive and his Emo Oranges may track us down and shut down our signal.

My name is Ghost;. I am the second-in-command of a secret unit within Habbo USA. This unit is known to few as Special Forces Kedo. We have existed in the underground of the Hotel for some time, working to keep the Hotel safe from danger as well as ensuring Kedo’s safety. SFK remains loyal to Kedo, and is actively working to discover both his status and location. In the event that Kedo goes missing in action, I am to take command of SFK to both stabilize the Hotel and discover his whereabouts.

Kedo has and has not been seen in the Hotel since the day iomegadrive declared his plans to take over Habbo Hotel. None of our reports match up with his story of Kedos’ abduction. Proceed with caution, and be careful in who you trust! So far 3 figures have emerged, iomegadrive, Luna, and Jeffoo. Almost all of them seem to have some kind of objective to take over the Hotel, rather than save your Hotel Manager. The SFK’s only mission is to recover Kedo and bring him back to his rightful position as Hotel Manager.

Those wishing to join the SFK should head over to [SFK] Command Center on the Gangs and Armies floor, or search for the name SFK

Name Description Image
The Emo Oranges Given to those who supported iomegadrive in The Streets of Bobba. TEO.gif
Fashion Friendly Fighters Given to those who supported Luna in The Streets of Bobba. FF2.gif
Jeffoo's Foo Fighters Given to those who supported Jeffoo in The Streets of Bobba. JFF.gif
Special Forces Kedo Given to those who supported Kedo in The Streets of Bobba. SFK.gif

Streets of Bobba 2007

Habbo Australia

The following paragraphs are text taken directly from the Habbo articles concerning this event.


Chaos has erupted as Bamaloo, the Hotel Manager, vanishes into thin air! The Missing Habbos Unit has been notified and while the search is on, underground figures have emerged to grab power and be the gang responsible for the safe return of our beloved Hotel Manager.

The Black Bobbas led by LeeLou, have appeared from their dark and gloomy lairs in an attempt to scare off their competition.

With shovel in hand the Pixelmason’s Trade Union are ready to get to work and through blood, sweat and tears be the heroes of this disturbing mystery.

Fozzie’s Blue Bohos have left their Yoga mats in light of this horrible news. They will attempt to bring Bamaloo back with their cool heads and relaxed attitudes.

The Hab-side Afro Quacks will try to schmooze their way to Bamaloo with the help of their funkalicious style and distracting afros.

Over the next two weeks the four gangs will go to war and compete with each other to not only be the winning gang but also be selected for a secret, special mission.

The gang to score the most points throughout the competition will be rewarded. Each gang boss has picked their own top secret Rare and the crew who locates Bamaloo will be given the chance to release it! The winning Gang members badge will also change to sparkling gold.

This is where YOU come in. Become a member of just ONE gang and join the search for Bamaloo. You can read a short description of each gang by clicking the links in the above left box, then simply make your decision and fill out the competition form. But be warned... This is a dangerous time to be on Habbo, your friends may be your enemies and your enemies may become your friends. But in the end...

Who will you side with?

LeeLou's Black Bobbas

Gang History: After being fired, or as she prefers to call it “asked to leave” by Alf in the kitchen for receipt withholding, LeeLou had a rather rudeawakening with the dark side. She turned to inappropriate language as a way to rebel against grownups and a series of 24 hour bans left this angry young lady boiling in her boots. An unfortunate run in with another member of staff broke her fire and landed her in a bottomless pit of boiling lava.

The Black Bobbas were created in the summer of 69; yes a long time before this young lady was born. It was run by her Great, Great Grandfather who passed it onto his son who then passed it on to LeeLou after he retired in the winter of 06. This crew is as tight as a brotherhood or sisterhood can get. They are the protectors of the innocent and the worst nightmares of the criminal masterminds in the hotel. They are not angels, not Robin Hoods in disguise, they are exactly the opposite - feared by many, they are destined to send shivers down your spine.

BlackBobbas LIf you’re looking for sympathy, compassion, love and all that wishy washy dribble, LeeLou’s gang is definitely not for you. If you see them, be afraid; be very afraid, for this gang is not for those with weak stomachs and faint hearts. They are the tough, heavy metal, punk rocker members of the hotel out to cause some trouble and burst your bubble.

So if you see them, beware and remember if you want to be tough better do what you can. Just Beat it.

Pixelmason's Trade Union

Gang History: The Pixelmason's Trade Union or "The PTU" have been linked to the actual construction of the first Habbo Hotel. Pixelmasons were both the workers and artisans who formed the pixels into their current structure. Although this group started as a simple yet skilled group of workers, they quickly became a secretive and mysterious following in order to protect the secrets of the pixels. It remains unknown why the colour green features so strongly in Pixelmasonry. History suggests a link to an incident in the original “PixelLodge”. A retaining wall in the pixel storage vaults collapsed between the blue and the yellow vats. Green was then adopted as the colour of respect to remember the masons crushed in the collapse.

It is unclear as to when the Pixelmasons became political. Many believe it was not long after they were forced to form a trade union to protect their basic rights as workers. This came about from pressure to constantly add more and more rooms to the already bulging Hotels. Safety became a prime concern for the Pixelmasons as worksite accidents began to soar. It was at this time they adopted the yellow safety hat.

Once the Union was formed the group became militant and all the more sinister. Habbos who spoke out against them began to "disappear". Entire rooms were boarded up over night never to be seen again. Some of their fold became powerful members of the Hotel. It is widely thought that many of the safety-minded Moderators are Pixelmasons and are influenced by the PTU. There are even allegations of links between retired Community Manager Fraggle and the PTU.

In recent times the PTU has worked silently behind the scenes. Most Habbos are completely unaware of their existence. They have secret greetings they use to identify other members. However due to current events their political wing has swung into action to defend the organisation against claims of involvement with the disappearance of Hotel Manager Bamaloo. This has been lead by Bulldoozer, strong PTU lobbyist with close ties to Fraggle and Elkah.

Pixelmasons LPTU members are proving to be insurgents and have used guerrilla tactics to bring about change. This will no-doubt become more and more apparent in the coming weeks as gangs come to life across the Hotel amid the disappearance of Bamaloo. Although followers are still secretive about the movement, PTU members are now openly carrying badges displaying the ancient symbols of the Pixelmasonry. This is the first time members have plainly shown their allegiance to what the Habbo media is now calling a "gang". The PTU is openly declaring its turf in Habbo AU and warns other "gangs" to stay clear.

Fozzie's Blue Bohos

Gang History: This modern day hippie can often be found unwinding in the ZenDen with a hot cup of tea or racing around Hotel View in her Kombi. A peaceful and relaxed member of the community, Fozzie is all about spreading the love... yet mention global warming or animal cruelty and a fire will ignite in her belly.

BlueBohos LThe Blue Bohos first formed when Fozzie became aware of the alarming rate of starving pets throughout the hotel. Through cake days, selling tie-dye clothes and generous donations, Fozzie and her crew feed as many hungry pets as they can. The Blue Bohos are also the underground tribe responsible for the health of the hotel plants. They water and hug as many Yukkas and Fruit Trees as possible... just watch out for the Cacti!

So if you love John Butler Trio, nature, animals and not wearing shoes, don your dreadlocks and join Fozzie’s Blue Bohos... the world will be your tofu!

Hab-side Afro Quacks

Hab-side Afro Quacks are an Undercover Special Operations unit, founded with the aim to combat pool blockers. Don’t let the name fool you, they are trained to infiltrate and destroy! By having such a menacing abbreviation they are able to befriend their enemies and faster then you can say “Pool is Closed!” they will be QUACKED!

Many of you may not be familiar with their signature move the “Quack”. As they like to fight fire with fire, seeing as these blockers block the pool, the Hab-side Afro Quacks block their Hotel access, with a swift but deadly “QUACK”.

AfroQuacks LTo be in this exclusive Unit you will need to be able to say YES to the following:

1. Do have a genetically enhanced AFRO? 2. Are you able to stealthily hide amongst the enemies, run with their crew, hang out at their Krib but when their time is up be able to So, So Quack? 3. Are you flossy, can you chillax with this crew, clown on the pool blockers and... got game?

Fo sho?


Name Description Image
Blue Bohos Streets of Bobba Campaign 07 AU2.gif
Pixelmason's Union Streets of Bobba Campaign 07 AU3.gif
Afro Quacks Streets of Bobba Campaign 07 AU4.gif
Queen of Habboween Habboween, October 07 LBB.gif

Streets of Bobba 2008

Habbo Netherlands

The following paragraphs are text taken directly from the Habbo articles concerning this event.


The upcoming weeks are full of danger, excited challenges and new furni! The Week of Tolerance has just ended and the problems are breaking out already in the slums of Habbo. In dark alleys of the Streets of Bobba is a real power struggle going on and our hotel is right in between the fires!

Four brand new gangs have stepped forward and each wants to give it a try. Your efforts and help determine which gang will ultimately dominate the streets. All gangs can be found on the Streets of Bobba Group.

Nuttigh Division 3.14: Brotherhood of Business

Led by Bobbie Nuttigh, this gang tries to take over the ground from Streets of Bobba. Nuttigheden BV has plans for an expension of a new Rubber duck factory and the Streets of Bobba is perfect place for it. But will these businessmen be able to stand their own ground among the other rough gangs?

The Yuccaza

The Elite Ninja's of Tsetsuko's Imperal Order of the Raw fish traveled to the Streets of Bobba. This because the streets were once owner by the great grand parents of the Order and Tsetsuko want to get this back to the way it was. But are these mysterious wariors powerful enough to conquer the other gangs?

The Habbos of Today

The malicious Rudi is back after a long time of absence in Habbo, and he has swapped his yodel for a career in the hip-hop world. Toegther with his new posse he plans to make the Streets of Bobba his new home. But can this former yodel singer be trusted after what happend last Habboween?

Strategic Watch and Implementation Team ... or S.W.I.T

A lot has happend in the life of Jut, somewhat dull ex-Community Manager of a Retro Hotel. She is now the head of a security patrons team. But is this all going well with someone like Jut? After all we're talking about a Habbo who thought Tikitoa was a boy band from the 80's

Badges 2008

Name Description Image
Ultimate Streets of Bobba Muscle You earned this badge showing your Muscle in the Ultimate Streets of Bobba games. SB5.gif
Ultimate Streets of Bobba Elite You proved you were Elite in the Ultimate Streets of Bobba games. SB6.gif
Ultimate Streets of Bobba Lieutenant You were a part of "The Mob" that ruled the Ultimate Streets of Bobba! SB7.gif