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Joined habbo: 23/11/2005
Originally from: (?)
HxF username: Roxy
Also known as: Roxy
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): General Management
Events Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): General Management
Events Management

Roxy, formerly Roxy916, has been with Habbox since early 2008. During her time at Habbox she has appeared in many managerial and normal roles. Her main focus was the community departments - Events, Rare Values and Help Desk, although she has also been in the back-end departments such as Content.

Her most prominent role at Habbox was Assistant General Manager (Community), whilst she was also the Events Manager. After approximately a year in the role she resigned to focus on other things. Since then she has re-appeared as Help Desk staff and manager and Rare Values, where she began her career at Habbox.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Content Designer 15-Feb-2012 23-Feb-2012
Events Organiser 02-Jun-2011 26-Sep-2011
Rare Values Reporter 20-Mar-2011 13-Apr-2011
Help Desk Manager 06-Mar-2011 24-Jul-2011
Events Organiser 30-Jan-2011 01-Mar-2011
Help Desk Super Staff 01-Jan-2011 28-Feb-2011
Assistant General Manager (Community) 20-Dec-2009 20-Dec-2010
Content Designer 28-Nov-2009 20-Dec-2009
Trade Expert 01-Jul-2009 17-Sep-2009
Rare Values Reporter 05-May-2009 01-Jul-2009
Help Desk Super Staff 08-Feb-2009 24-Apr-2009
Help Desk Staff 30-Nov-2008 08-Feb-2009
Events Manager 30-Nov-2008 22-Nov-2010
Assistant Help Desk Manager 12-Oct-2008 30-Nov-2008
Rare Values Reporter 21-Sep-2008 22-Dec-2008
Help Desk Team Leader 15-Jul-2008 12-Oct-2008
Senior Events Organiser 03-Jul-2008 30-Nov-2008
Competitions Staff 15-Jun-2008 19-Mar-2009
Productions Staff 21-Mar-2008 21-Sep-2008
Help Desk Staff 17-Mar-2008 15-Jul-2008
Events Organiser 08-Mar-2008 03-Jul-2008