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In the earlier years of the hotel, rares were often seldom released. Usually, items would be released every few months in the catalogue, with a number of them being weekly or monthly prizes such as the DJ Turntable (commonly referred to as the DJ decks) and the Typewriter being used as a prize for the Habbo Weekly article. The main exception to the rule were the Throne, Russian Samovar and Holoboy which were released as for the then-hotel managers (ione) birthday and were thus known as the ione's Gifts from then on. The Throne, being a chair and having a function other than looking pretty, slowly gained a status as a currency for the likes of the Typewriter as it was more expensive than the Club Sofa and thus it made sense to use say a £10 note as opposed to a £1 coin for trades which came to a higher value.

The earlier years also saw the good days of the Habbo Club subscription, where members who bought this were treated to a variety of un-released rares as the months lapsed in their HC membership. For example, as far back as 2005 the Majestic Chair was worth 10 CS (and a CS was worth 30 RD), the Study Desk was worth 8 CS to 15 CS and the Nordic Table was worth around 5 CS to 8 CS. Prior to around 2006, these items (as you can see) held rather high values and were regarded as the more valuable and special items to collect in the earlier days of the hotel. The Throne by comparison was in the region of 15 CS to 20 CS at the same point in time.

It is also interesting to note the values of the released rares, such as as the Nelly set (Silver and Bronze released). In 2005, the Silver Elephant would fetch 4.5 CS and the Bronze Elephant a mere 3.5 CS - compare this to the above prices for the HC rares, and you'll see the stark difference in relation to the later years and even the present day. In effect, the paid for rares (normal rares) have swapped places with the Habbo Club rares.

Market Analysis

Chart detailing the economic history of the market from 2001 to 2006. Green denotes periods of prosperity, red denotes market downturns.

As can be viewed to the right, the market during this period was largely stable and relatively prosperous. It was during this time that the market was being 'built' so to speak - so due to the small number of rare items on the hotel, it meant that rares which had been released already were held in high regard and were naturally popular - this can be best seen with the DJ Turntable - a rare that isn't the best looking, but was and is still held in high regard by Habbo users. Why? because it is a classic and original item that was once worth something. Think today, if the DJ Turntable were released as a normal rare or given out as a super rare - the likelyhood is that it wouldn't be very popular.

In the graph anaylsis, it can also be pointed out that from around 2004 onwards rares started to rise faster than they had done so before. This was mainly due to the increase in popularity of the Habbo game itself, and the influx of new Habbo users pushed the price of these items up considerabley - also worth mentioning that it was around the 2005 period that the recolours first made an appearance on the hotel, and thus the designation of 'classic rare' was born and given to the likes of the Dragon Egg, Snow Globe, Parasol set, Throne, Samovar, Holopods, Nelly's and so on.

All this being said, specially of stability, the market during this time did experience frequent shocks. An example of these would be the release of the previously super rare White Birdbath (2003), Orange Parasol (2004) and Snow Globe (2005) - the action of releasing these rares would have had a depressing effect on the super rares market, so it's fair to say that things could have been better in terms of market outlook if Sulake had not placed the threat of releasing super rare items over traders heads.

Price List

  • Throne (around 2005/6) sold for around 15 CS to 25 CS
  • Club Sofa (around 2005/6) sold for around 20 RD to 30 RD
  • Orange Parasol (after release, around 2005/6) sold for around 3 CS to 4.5 CS
  • Snow Globe (after release, around 2005/6) sold for around 0.3 CS to 1 CS
  • Silver Nelly (around 2005/6) sold for around 4 CS to 6 CS
  • Bronze Nelly (around 2005/6) sold for around 3 CS to 4 CS
  • White Birdbath (around 2005/6) sold for around 5 CS to 6 CS
  • Green Birdbath (around 2005/6) sold for around 3 CS to 4 CS
  • Red Amber Lamp (around 2005/6) sold for around 3 CS to 6 CS
  • Blue Amber Lamp (around 2005/6) sold for around 3 CS to 6 CS
  • Russian Samovar (around 2005/6) sold for around 0.5 CS to 0.8 CS
  • Mochamaster (around 2005/6) sold for around 0.5 CS to 1 CS
  • Study Desk (around 2005/6) sold for around 8 CS
  • Nordic Table (around 2005/6) sold for around 5 CS
  • Typewriter (around 2005/6) sold for around 2T to 4T
  • Holiday Romance (around 2005/6) sold for around 1 CS
  • Aloe Vera (around 2005/2006) sold for around 1 CS to 3 CS
  • Speaker's Corner (around 2005/2006) sold for around 0.3 CS to 0.8 CS

Additional related information for this period

  • Habbox was the main, unchallenged Rare Values provider throughout this period.
  • The Habbox Rare Values Managers during this period were (in order): K@Boom, doraemonkiller, Steve330, .:OGGY:. and Smiddy1234.
  • The Hotel Managers during this period were (in order): ione, Jibbi and Callie.
  • The rares with a high reputation during this period were the unreleased (and barely seen) Infobus and the super rare Disco Light, which was the most expensive rare throughout this period alongside the Golden Amber Lamp.