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Originally from: (?)
HxF username: Doraemonkiller
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Assistant Site Manager (Rare Values)
Rare Values Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Assistant Site Manager (Rare Values)
Rare Values Management

Doraemonkiller first joined Habbox Forum on 3rd July 2004 and began working for the site later the same year. He was an international manager from Malaysia, giving the overseas part of Habbox advertising. His most prolific role whilst active on Habbox was his period as the 2ⁿᵈ Habbox Rare Values Manager in early 2005.

The first notable role given to him was Trading Expert, a role that was renamed Expert Rare Values Reporter and later removed. The role required him to report Rare Values which would then be updated on the site; he gained this role with others and 3 weeks later it was announced that he would be the new Assistant Rare Values Manager when [email protected] resigned.

He was the Assistant for 4 months until being promoted on 16th February 2005. Unfortunately, his time as manager was short-lived with him stepping down to his previous role of Assistant, this way when he had the time required for the role he would still help out.

Again he moved up the ranks quickly and was awarded Assistant Site Manager on 6th May 2005 whereby he overlooked the Rare Values on the site with the help of the new Rare Values Manager at the time.

On 4th December 2005 he was dismissed from the role and only returned to be a Forum Moderator weeks later - again he left and since hasn't had another role at Habbox.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Forum Moderator 30-Dec-2005 Unknown
Assistant Site Manager (Rare Values) 06-May-2005 04-Dec-2005
Assistant Rare Values Manager 25-Mar-2005 06-May-2005
Rare Values Manager 16-Feb-2005 25-Mar-2005
Assistant Rare Values Manager 11-Oct-2004 16-Feb-2005
Trading Expert 18-Sep-2004 11-Oct-2004