Racing through the snow

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Racing through the snow
Number of players: 3 and only 1 per lane.

Racing through the snow was a Builders at Work made game in November 2019. The game was originally made on and later released globally.


Players enter the game through a lobby. There are 3 door teleports which lead to 3 levels of the game, each increase in difficulty.

Once in one of the following levels Habbos had to stand on one of the colored tiles to enter the queue. If the player reached the front roller they would be teleported to one of the lanes. Once in the lane they had to wait for the slope lights to turn green, after that they had 1 minute to complete the game by making all the colored tiles on their lane green while avoiding snowman heads and icy lanterns, which teleport you back to the top of the slope. If all the colored tiles are made green, rush to the bottom row of colored tiles (which are now green too) to recieve a badge

Level 1

Level 1 is classified as 'Easy'. there is no Icy Lantern next to the first tile and you have to go over all the colored tiles 1 time to make them green.

Level 2

Level 2 is classified as 'Medium'. The Icy Lantern is added next to the first colored tile, you have to go over the colored tile 3 times to make it green. The other colored tiles turn green once you go over them 1 time.

Level 3

Level 3 is classified as 'Difficult'. The icy Lantern is very close to the first tile. You have to go over the first tile 3 times to make it green. The Other colored tiles change colors here, stay on them untill they turn green.


Name Image
Snow Race Level I
Snow Race Level II
Snow Race Level III