Love Randomizer

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Love Randomizer
Release date: 01-Feb-2008
Release price: 25 Credits
Rare Values
Category: Valentines

The Love Randomizer is a rare furniture released in the catalogue for 25 Credits on the 1st of February 2008 as part of the Habborella Campaign.

It is the second 4-seater sofa in the hotel. The first being the Team Bench


The sofa is an interactive furniture which means if you double click it something will happen

When a user double clicks the sofa the hearts on top will start flickering from left to right (or right to left if it has been rotated). This will go from fast to slow and eventually it will stop randomly on one of the four hearts. That heart will flicker on and off and will show a spotlight under it.

This furniture is a Randomizing Furniture which means if you place more then 3 of it in your room you'll get an alert and the furniture itself won't work. See: Gambling Ban for more information.


The Love Randomizer was shown off in 3 official habborella rooms. (official 12, but all these rooms were duplicated and show the same furniture)