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HxF username: Kieran
Also known as: Intricat, Tenatious, Skeptice & Forest
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Site Coder
Graphics Designer

Kieran, previously known as Intricat, first joined Habbox Forum on 28th March 2005 and over this time has held various roles including the Site Coder role. He also appeared under the aliases of Tenatious, Skeptice and Forest for a period of time.

The first role Intricat gained was as a Trialist Habbox Live DJ on 16th August 2008 and just under a month afterwards he gained the role of Graphics Designer. Unfortunately, he was dismissed as a Habbox Live Trialist shortly after gaining it.

He took a break from Habbox in general for a few months and upon his return he gained yet another trial for Habbox Live; this time he passed on 18th April 2007 but again was dismissed a month afterwards.

Again he took a long break from roles at Habbox but for the 3rd time returned to another Habbox Live trial and this time passed, and later resigned. He also began to work for other departments and took his focus elsewhere - namely to the Help Desk where he joined as Help Desk Staff. However, similarly to Habbox Live he resigned from the role until 2nd October 2011 where he once again returned and held his position for one month.

After many resignations, dismissals and returns he took his work to the Content side of Habbox and in time worked for the News Department where he resigned during his trial; he also gained the role as a Site Coder on 6th June 2012. He worked alongside Recursion and Chippiewill on the admin and coding side of the Habbox Websites.