Habbo World Cup 2006

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Habbo World Cup 2006
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The Habbo World Cup 2006 was an event held globally for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Between June 12th and July 9th Habbo held several events such as quests, room design competitions and Kick Warz.

Players had to select a team of 11 Habbos each with the most creative, helpful, and talented skills to form a soccer-like team for the Champions of the Habbo Arts.

Sixteen Habbo Countries were involved in this event and Habbos had to select the Best Habbo Community in the world, which was the richest in Habbo Champions and deserved to get a unique prize.

A new public room was introduced called the Habbo Soccer Hangout which was the Stadium.

The following paragraphs are text taken directly from the Habbo articles concerning this event.


Every time a Habbo is chosen as the World's best in their category, a Goal is scored for that Habbo Country. Each day of the week the Board will announce a few winners. The country with the most people selected to be in the World Champions Team (and therefore has the most goals) will be the 2006 Habbo World Champion! In the case of a tie, all winning countries will gain prizes in full.

First Round: June 12th-June 30th

In this first stage, which lasts all of June, your Habbo Staff will organize 11 competitions aimed at finding the 11 most talented community members in the USA. These competitions will span Room Design, Live Games, Habbo Graphics, and much more.

Every week, several team members will be selected out of the many who compete, namely:

  • June 12th-19th: 1 Goalie, 2 Wingbacks, 1 Central Defender
  • June 19th-26th: 1 Central Defender, 2 Midfielders, 1 Winger
  • June 26th-July 3rd: 1 Winger, 2 Forwards

Final Phase: July 3rd-7th

This is the real deal. The 16 Habbo Dream Teams of 11 members each - as well as their Habbo creations or merits (room designs, games, helpfulness, pics, and so on) - will then be judged by the Ultimate Habbo Board, the official organization that decides on the most important Habbo matters. The Board will judge the merits of each Dream Team's Champion and choose the best in each of the 11 roles.


Habbo USA Dream Team Prizes

Each Habbo selected to be in the Habbo USA Dream Team will recieve the following prize package:

  • 75 Habbo Coins
  • 1 Gold Trophy
  • 1 new Rare Habbo Soccer Ball furni
  • The Golden Shoe Exclusive badge

World Champion Prizes

Each of the 11 Habbos that make it in the World Champions Team will win:

The Ultimate Prize for the Best Habbo Community

  • Double Friendlist - The Friends list limit in the Console (non-HC) will be DOUBLED to TWO HUNDRED friends for the whole community for a year. This is a UNIQUE bonus that is reserved only for the winning community
  • Free HC Rooms - The two Habbo Club Public Rooms will be accessible to all Habbos for a month.


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