Eco Friendly Penguin

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Eco Friendly Penguin
Motto: Given to Eco friendly Habbo!
Release date: March 2008
Rare Values
Category: Ecotron

The Eco Friendly Penguin is a furniture that was introduced into the hotel via the Ecotron. It made its first appearance in Habbo when V29 was introduced (the final gift to be added into V1 of the Ecotron) and it could be gained via recycling 15 items in the of the Ecotron. It could no longer be gained via the Ecotron when it was updated in early 2009, and it has never been handed out in competitions nor resold in the catalogue either.


  • Globally - Given out to users who recycled 15 items in the first version of the Ecotron (during v29 and v30).