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HxF username: jurv
Known for: Graphics Management
Events Management
Also known as: DirtyConverse
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Graphics Manager
Events Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): Graphics Management
Events Management

Cameron, formerly known as Jurv, joined Habbox in 2009 and went on to become the Graphics Manager and Assistant Events Manager. Originally, Cameron used the name -Confuzion at Habbox before going on to use DirtyConverse, Jurv and Cameron!?.

Cameron started out as a Trialist Events Organiser under the old manager Roxy before resigning 11 days later; he decided to stay away from Habbox jobs until the following year when he gained the position of Events Organiser, under Dilusionate and Mathew. His dedication in the role paid off and he was later offered Senior Events Organiser, before branching into more departments whilst still keeping his senior position.

When Dilusionate resigned from events, Mathew became the Events Manager and Cameron was given the position of Assistant Events Manager and years later, both of them are still known for being one of the best department management teams.

Throughout his time, Cameron tried other departments such as the Help Desk, Rare Values and Competitions. With his dedication in the Graphics Department, he gained the role of Graphics Manager, which he balanced alongside Assistant Events Manager for a few weeks. Unfortunately, in August 2012 he decided to resign from his Assistant Events Manager role to focus more on the content side of Habbox in the Graphics Department.

Cameron was known around Habbo and Habbox, he was often dressed as the singer Adele due to his love and obsession for her. He doesn't play Habbo anymore and holds no roles at Habbox, but he occasionally visits the forum.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Graphics Designer 21-May-2014 22-Oct-2014
Events Organiser 9-April-2014 21-May-2014
Competitions Staff 01-Aug-2013 18-Aug-2013
Events Organiser 30-June-2013 30-Sep-2013
Graphics Manager 30-July-2012 9-March-2013
Graphics Designer 1-Dec-2011 30-July-2012
Help Desk Staff 28-Dec-2011 14-March-2012
Help Desk Staff 8-Sep-2011 24-Oct-2011
Assistant Events Manager 29-July-2011 19-Aug-2012
Competitions Staff 21-March-2011 26-Oct-2011
Help Desk Staff 20-March-2011 5-Aug-2011
Senior Events Organiser 17-March-2011 29-July-2011
Rare Values Reporter 29-Jan-2011 23-March-2011
Events Organiser 23-Nov-2010 17-March-2011
Trialist Events Organiser 28-Oct-2009 8-Nov-2009

Habbox Forum Awards

  • 18-Apr-2014: Draw My Thing Participant - For participating in the "Draw My Thing" competition held by the Competitions & Graphics departments.
  • 23-Nov-2013: 5000 Posts - Awarded for making 5000 posts on the Forum.
  • 23-Nov-2013: 4 Year Milestone - Awarded for being active on the forum for 4 years.
  • 30-Aug-2013: HabboxForum Summer Adventure - Awarded for taking part in the HabboxForum Summer Adventure.
  • 04-Aug-2013: HxHD Layout - Help Desk Layout was chosen to be used as an Official Habbox Help Desk layout.
  • 03-Jul-2013: Retro Week - For winning an event during retro week 2013.
  • 10-Jan-2013: HabboxFactor Participant - Awards for taking part in HabboxFactor 2012.
  • 04-Dec-2012: Habbox Christmas 2012 - To the kind users who donated to Depression Alliance in 2012.
  • 28-Aug-2012: HabboxStarz Participant - For participating in HabboxStarz
  • 08-Aug-2012: Limited Edition Donator (Olympics) - Awarded for purchasing Limited Edition Olympics Donator and kindly donating to Habbox.
  • 28-Jul-2012: HxHD Saturday Night Quiz Award - Awarded for winning the HxHD Saturday Night Quiz.
  • 11-Jul-2012: 3 Year Milestone - Awarded for being active on the forum for 3 years.
  • 11-Jul-2012: Habbox Twitter - For following Habbox on Twitter.
  • 10-Jul-2012: Member of the Month - For being one of Habbox Forum's members of the month.
  • 30-Apr-2012: 2500 Posts - Awarded for making 2500 posts on the Forum.
  • 29-Dec-2011: 2 Year Milestone - Awarded for being active on the forum for 2 years.
  • 29-Dec-2011: Xmas Factor 2011 - Awarded to the finalists of the Xmas Factor 2011.
  • 25-Oct-2011: 1000 Posts - Awarded for making 1000 posts on the Forum.
  • 25-Oct-2011: Habbox Facebook - For liking the Habbox Facebook Group!
  • 17-Oct-2011: HxSS Gold Award - Awarded for coming first in a HxSS team.
  • 18-Jun-2011: Habbox Donator - For buying Habbox Donator and contributing to Habbox.
  • 30-May-2011: Official Arcade Tournament Winner - An award for the winners of Official Arcade Tournaments run by Forum Management.
  • 20-May-2011: 0rca's Visit Award - Awarded for being one of the 30 members chosen to have their question answered by 0rca, official Sulake staff.
  • 12-Feb-2011: Official Habbox Habbo Group - For joining the Official Habbox Group on Habbo.
  • 12-Feb-2011: 1 Year Milestone - Awarded for being active on the forum for 1 year.
  • 27-Jul-2010: Habbo UK - Awarded to those who originated from

Awards & Nominations

  • Habbox Summer Spectacular 2011 - Green Team Top Scorer.
  • Habbox Summer Spectacular 2011 - I (L) points more than my own mother!
  • HabboxLive Beach Party 2011 - Best Dressed.
  • Xmas Factor 2011 - Finalist.
  • Sexiest Male (Habbox Awards 2011)
  • Habboxlive Valentine's Prom 2012 - Prom King.
  • HabboxStarz 2012 - Finalist.
  • HabboxFactor 2013 - Finalist.
  • Graphics Designer or the year (Habbox Awards 2012)


  • Cameron is interested in films, music and adele.
  • He has a total of 26 Forum Awards.