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Release date June 2016
Category Limited Edition Rares

Charlie was a Limited Edition Rare released by Habbo on 4th June 2016. It was released on all hotels with 162 units available for players to purchase.

It was released for 500 Credits, but it was expensive for how many there were entering the hotel, making it not sell out for a few hours. It was also met with hesitancy due to a glitch upon its release. Originally, Charlie was put in the Catalogue with only 1 unit available to buy for the 500 Credit price tag, immediately making it seem like the rarest Limited Edition Rare to date. However, it was known via Habbo's Twitter that it was a glitch and staff chose to withdraw the single unit from sale until they figured out a way to fix it; they promised it would be on sale as soon as possible. A few hours later, Charlie reentered the Catalogue for the same price.

Controversy happened with the release as players knew the item would be released on 4th June, they just weren't sure when; Habbo didn't put up a timer for the Charlie LTD, which was meant with negative messages and comments on their Twitter.

Upon Charlie's second release, players quickly began selling the item for under its Catalogue value even though there were units still available to buy.

It was released for the Stranded Jungle campaign Habbo ran, which brought more crafting and a new and sought after furniture line.



Each user who purchased the item received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 105 different users have the badge

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated
4 Blinx 29-June-2018
5 Blinx 29-June-2018
6 Blinx 29-June-2018
7 Blinx 29-June-2018
9 Blinx 29-June-2018
10 LostSouL2000 20-July-2018
11 Funkyjen 30-Mar-2017
12 -Lockdown- 10-Oct-2017
13 siralex13 01-Nov-2017
14 Pinyota 12-Oct-2017
15 JerryDe 20-Oct-2017
16 peckz 25-May-2017
17 Funkyjen 30-Mar-2017
18 pokemepls 04-Apr-2018
19 Blinx 31-Mar-2017
21 Shonly 29-Jan-2018
22 ..StarDust.. 22-May-2017
23 xxSc01xx 09-Dec-2017
24 Daddy 30-Mar-2017
26 NAZTYJA0 02-Oct-2018
27 Gummy 13-Jan-2019
28 kely,au 1-Feb-2019
29 HypzShowluo 26-Jan-2019
31 ElenaGilbert124 19-Oct-2018
32 S2E 30-Mar-2017
37 Riqque 30-Mar-2017
42 IvySoFlyy 30-Mar-2017
46 CholoTheWise 08-Oct-2018
47 .Lua 23-Sep-2017
49 dolphingirl99945 09-jul-2018
50 MissAlison. 24-Sep-2017
54 ophelia.hiney. 06-Jul-2018
59 cherrymae74 21-Sep-2018
65 Dr.Yolo 13-May-2017
68 ,Rox 30-Oct-2018
73 shyheaven 03-Oct-2018
76 HypzShowluo 26-Jan-2019
78 psymun 10-Oct-2017
88 Aceter 12-July-2018
94 JasminKalowski 15-Mar-2018
102 jmartinsthe 12-Nov-2018
103 WoAiWoDar! 30-Mar-2017
107 Chidiva 28-Aug-2018
114 Promiscuous? 29-June-2018
125 simon3315 18-Jan-2018
126 Bankrupt 13-May-2017
128 ARGENTINIEN 03-Jan-2019
129 x--Rosiie 08-Oct-2018
137 missfate 19-Sep-2017
147 monkeymanbubby 28-Oct-2018
149 nomesospro 02-Oct-2018
159 amor83 24-Jan-2019
Total 52/162

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