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Motto: Limited Edition Rare. Seats 3 Habbos.
Release date 1 June 2012
Limited Edition Rare
Number available: 1000
Number sold: 1000
Original price 100 Credits
Rare Values
Category Limited Edition Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Caterpillar, also known as the Garden Caterpillar, was a Limited Edition Rares released on June 2012. There were 1000 units available for 100 Credits each but it was slow to sell, since it was released quite randomly with no promotion and was also released at a different time to earlier Limited Edition Rares whilst many were at educational locations such as schools and colleges. It was also quite large, taking up four spaces, and since during May 8 Limited Edition Rares had been released, users were starting to tire of them. When it was finally removed from the Catalogue there was little over 300 left.

The Caterpillar has 3 settings, the still setting without lights, the still setting with lights (consisting of a ring pattern working its way up the Caterpillar in yellow and the natural colour of the item) and the moving setting - this makes the item's head and tail move to give animation. The motto of the furni was 'Limited Edition Rare. Seats 3 Habbos.'

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 Quest 23-Jun-2020 Active
3 BQ 13-Jul-2020 Active
4 badamana18 09-May-2020 Active
5 Bongo 14-Mar-2019 Active
6 Amii 14-Mar-2019 Active
7 Amii 14-Mar-2019 Active
8 30up 15-May-2017 Active
18 Funkyjen 15-May-2017 Active
33 XxsmileyxXPixie 26-Jun-2020 Active
38 Hiroshi-sama 12-Apr-2021 Active
43 Nyndir 25-May-2019 Active
44 TheOnlyHero 15-May-2017 Active
45 ToriRod97 30-Jul-2020 Active
46 teeeEye 30-Jun-2018 Active
47 x_PartyFavor_x 22-Feb-2021 Active
48 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
60 Riqque 15-May-2017 Active
65 Rayns 14-Mar-2019 Active
66 motorkimmyk 07-Mar-2018 Active
70 HilmMykes 30-May-2017 Active
74 CholoTheWise 08-Oct-2018 Active
86 zanny-o 11-Jul-2019 Active
95 Harry6. 21-Sep-2018 Active
96 Defaulter- 29-Apr-2020 Active
108 fatiniyazid 14-Sep-2019 Active
115 plsrespond 30-Jun-2020 Active
134 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
143 TheLifeWeLost 30-May-2019 Active
157 DirkieDirk 14-Mar-2019 Active
159 plsrespond 01-Jul-2020 NFS
165 WhiteSheep 10-Jul-2018 Active
169 Deactivate! 29-Apr-2019 Active
182 amro45 27-Jan-2019 Active
187 Hx.Ben 25-Mar-2021 Active
197 ..StarDust.. 03-Nov-2017 Active
211 WNxBanned 29-May-2019 Active
214 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
221 dopeboy72 28-Jun-2020 Active
224 3rdDegree 25-May-2019 Active
241 Mr.Ballin 23-Apr-2020 Inactive
250 HabboDSi 25-May-2019 Active
265 kely,au 1-Feb-2019 Active
267 dopeboy72 28-Jun-2020 Active
270 pokemepls 04-Apr-2018 Active
271 Checkout45 14-Mar-2019 Active
277 KodHarambe 16-June-2020 Active
281 Jamesss, 15-May-2017 Active
283 ToriRod97 28-Jan-2019 Active
285 ExtremeSlayer 29-Jun-2019 Active
286 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
292 Blinx 15-May-2017 Active
299 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
319 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
337 Derricksphere1 06-Apr-2021 Active
338 welshcake 30-May-2019 Active
343 DancingMilk. 16-May-2020 Active
347 Bemusing 17-Oct-2018 Active
349 Keaks 14-Mar-2019 Active
350 .-=Bubbles=-. 02-Oct-2018 Active
351 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
357 CreditCardDebt 15-May-2017 Active
360 melbear 18-Jun-2020 Active
370 Promiscuous? 29-June-2018 Active
371 Toom. 14-Mar-2019 Active
373 snauzher 25-May-2019 Active
377 choi 30-May-2019 Active
379 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
392 monkeymanbubby 25-Sep-2018 Active
406 .Missie. 25-May-2019 Active
413 Destiiny, 05-Aug-2020 Active
415 lizzxcore 11-Dec-2017 Active
417 Jando2012 15-May-2017 Active
424 PrincessLatte_ 03-Jan-2021 Active
428 juanto 11-Nov-2020 Active
438 ErTom 16-Jun-2020 Active
445 KodHarambe 16-Jun-2020 Active
448 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
449 badmash. 16-Oct-2020 Active
454 Mr.Ballin 23-Apr-2020 Inactive
456 ..StarDust.. 04-Nov-2017 Active
469 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
471 Matthew 22-Jan-2020 Active
472 uncuff 16-Jul-2020 Active
484 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
486 EmzStars 14-Mar-2019 Active
488 Alexxxxxx.. 18-Jul-2020 For Sale
500 Travis! 14-Mar-2019 Active
507 MR_BROKEN 5-Aug-2019 Active
508 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
509 mbin2100 15-Nov-2019 Active
510 kyle72283 26-Jan-2019 Active
531 SofiTukker 16-May-2020 Active
554 Wishy 24-Feb-2021 Active
569 Guide666 09-Oct-2020 Active
580 cass_xx 16-Jan-2018 Active
581 ophelia.hiney. 1-Jan-2020 Active
591 Yozai 02-Oct-2018 Active
593 Hx.Ben 24-Aug-2020 Active
600 Trooper-xox. 15-May-2017 Active
603 plinkoaddict 27-Jan-2019 Active
605 Hytran 14-Mar-2019 Active
653 ForkHead 01-Aug-2020 Active
660 90Days 21-Sep-2017 Active
666 badamana18 09-May-2020 Active
688 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
689 Thunderstormed 29-Apr-2020 Active
695 CoolZizzo 30-Jun-2018 Active
700 ToriRod97 30-Jul-2020 Active
718 CharlieManx 02-May-2020 Active
724 Jaspery 03-Oct-2018 Active
745 FBD. 25-Jul-2018 Active
746 SlidingMonkey 05-Jun-2018 Active
749 Kushinz 03-Jun-2020 Active
752 macfaydn13 14-Mar-2019 Active
758 Pawzi 17-Dec-2020 Active
760 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
769 .x---HAZEL. 12-July-2018 Active
772 Chucky 11-Dec-2017 Active
782 Mr.Ballin 23-Apr-2020 Inactive
804 Origo 25-May-2019 Active
807 chidiva 15-May-2017 Active
819 eleonoraporta 27-Jan-2019 Active
823 HaganWils 17-Nov-2019 Active
828 Gummy 14-June-2018 Active
835 bella-tiara 06-Apr-2021 Active
850 .Lua 23-Sep-2017 Active
852 -Lockdown- 10-Oct-2017 Active
856 ,holmes- 2-Jun-2019 Active
862 Pawzi 17-Dec-2020 Active
870 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
871 .-=Bubbles=-. 02-Oct-2018 Active
876 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
886 lovershelly 21-Jun-2020 NFS
889 Moonn6-Safety 15-May-2017 Active
902 Mclly 30-Jun-2020 Active
905 amro45 27-Jan-2019 Active
915 HaleKane 23-Nov-2020 Active
932 -=SkyColour=- 14-Mar-2019 Active
940 phillip_1337 26-Oct-2018 Active
943 Doron 25-May-2019 Active
949 plsrespond 19-Jun-2020 Active
950 uk4 10-Apr-2019 Active
952 Rayns 14-Mar-2019 Active
957 Moonn6-Safety 15-May-2017 Active
963 amro45 08-Jul-2020 Active
980 KTIAE 09-Sep-2019 Active
981 Typical 13-Dec-2020 For Sale
985 Type1 21-Jul-2018 Active
992 .:TOM:.:SBD:. 08-Oct-2018 Active
Total 149/700