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Joined habbo: 12-July-2004
Hotel: Habbo.com
HxF username: Yonder
Also known as: Yonder454
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): Habbox.us General Manager
Web Design Manager

Yonder previously known as Yonder454 has been a Habbox member since 12th July 2004 with a forum user id of 537. Since Yonder joined Habbox, he has had many roles as Habbox Staff and also been a member of the month for the Habbox Feedback forum.

With a big real-life move over the pond for Yonder and his new real-life career, Habbox became a distant second on his priority list and being inactive for a long period around the time of V6 release, Yonder was put into retirement. Though he still remained a regular visitor on Habbox Forum for a time in reduced capacity he is no longer a member of Habbox Staff.

Habbox Roles

Postion Start Date End Date
Lottery Manager Unknown Unknown
Site Technician 11-June-2009 12-Apr-2011
Senior Content Designer 28-June-2008 Unknown
Web Design Manager 19-Oct-2005 04-June-2006
Web Designer 02-Oct-2005 Unknown
TV Head Web Designer 11-July-2005 13-July-2005
Habbox.us Web Designer 27-Apr-2005 Unknown
Habbox.us General Manager 05-Dec-2004 Unknown
Web Designer 17-Oct-2004 Unknown
Trading Expert 09-Aug-2004 17-Oct-2004


Yonder approached Sierk after being a Habbox Web Designer for a short while and suggested opening a USA fansite to run along the, then separate, Habbo.com (USA) hotel. Sierk agreed and Habbox.us was born. Pretty much a carbon copy of the UK fansite.

Unfortunately, with Habbox going through some bad press, becoming unofficial on the UK fansite list and constantly being hacked from the script kiddies towards Habbox.us news systems (cutenews), as well as not many Habbox.us staff actually using Habbo.com because it was so new, Habbox.us wasn't so popular. Eventually this was turned into HabboxWorld and become the hub for all international Habbos to go.

Web Design Manager

Now known as Content Manager, this role was when no CMS was implemented in Habbox and web designers had to edit static HTML pages. Yonder managed this department and had assistant managers such as ---MAD---.

Though only serving as manager for eight months, Yonder contributed many different items and ideas along with his staff. Yonder would add seasonal elements to the website template (orange & blue) to give some variety later seasonal templates existed when Yonder managed the Joomla system. Some ideas of the seasonal elements were:

  • Falling Snow
  • Flying Bats
  • Sierk & Manager Alterations
  • Navigation Pictures

Site Technician

After a brief Habbox hiatus ---MAD--- now General Manager of Habbox asked Yonder to help convert the new Habbox theme V4 to work with Joomla, since Joomla 1.0's template was a free one found on the world wide web. With the upgrade to the new Joomla 1.5 and the new V4 template Yonder from then on worked closely to maintain and work with the Joomla system to provide a solid site for the Habbox staff and all its visitors.

With V4 aging and Habboxers and staff wanting a new theme an offer was sent out to members of the forum, VIP and HCS in return for a new Habbox template. Though a few submissions were provided, none were chosen by the general management. Yonder decided to take some time and spend the day developing a submission for V5 with Headlines (Alkaz) as his helper. Along with a V5 template Yonder suggested a mountain of ideas to introduce into the new system. After a little while between the general management and some serious excitement from Jin V5 was implemented. V5 was designed, developed and coded into Joomla by Yonder.


Habbox lottery re-imagined, though there had already been a form of Habbox lottery ran by MissAlice, Bi!!y and Sierk it had long gone quiet. Yonder suggested to Sierk to create a raffle type lottery, there is always a winner. The price of a ticket cost 1 HC (CS), 36 tickets were sold. 6 HCS (CS) were kept by Habbox for other events and competitions. When you Purchased a ticket you got to choose 2 numbers between 1-6 if them two numbers were rolled on the 2 holodice you won 30 HCS (CS).

Habbo Name Numbers Habbo Name Numbers
Yonder 1-1 Yonder 4-1
Yonder 1-2 Yonder 4-2
Yonder 1-3 Yonder 4-3
Yonder 1-4 Yonder 4-4
Yonder 1-5 Yonder 4-5
Yonder 1-6 Yonder 4-6
Yonder 2-1 Yonder 5-1
Yonder 2-2 Yonder 5-2
Yonder 2-3 Yonder 5-3
Yonder 2-4 Yonder 5-4
Yonder 2-5 Yonder 5-5
Yonder 2-6 Yonder 5-6
Yonder 3-1 Yonder 6-1
Yonder 3-2 Yonder 6-2
Yonder 3-3 Yonder 6-3
Yonder 3-4 Yonder 6-4
Yonder 3-5 Yonder 6-5
Yonder 3-6 Yonder 6-6

If you had 1-6 and 6-1 was rolled you didn't win, you must have purchased the numbers that showed up in sequential order.