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Joined habbo: 12-Aug-2004
HxF username: scottish
Also known as: Galaxay, Habbic
Habbox Staff
Current role(s): Technical Manager (Nov 2016- )
Habbox God
Reason(s): Activity for 10+ years.

Scottish, previously known as Galaxay. Soon after joining the forum, he got straight into applications where he applied and was accepted into the Help Desk department. Overall, between the two Habbo names Habbic and Galaxay, Scottish has maintained several Habbox roles and has achieved multiple senior positions. He has not been Habbox Staff since late 2012, however, he continues to support Habbox by purchasing forum donator and spending time socialising with the rest of the community in the Help Desk.

He's been around the forum for 10 years, which makes him a Habbox God as he has 10,000 posts too. He gives a lot of vital feedback to the community which encourages General Management to make the best changes; because of his greatly active status, his view is highly appreciated. The Spam forum section is also another area where Scottish enjoys posting.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Technical Manager 24-Nov-2016 Present
Site Manager 24-Nov-2016 Unknown
Forum Developer 23-Oct-2016 24-Nov-2016
Events Organiser 23-Aug-2012 17-Sept-2012
Productions Staff 06-Apr-2008 08-May-2008
Trialist Help Desk Staff 06-Apr-2008 14-Apr-2008
Forum Moderator 25-Oct-2007 05-Nov-2007
Competitions Staff 24-Oct-2007 05-Nov-2007
Help Desk Super Staff 22-Oct-2007 05-Nov-2007
Trialist Events Organiser 11-Oct-2007 05-Nov-2007
Talkshow Supervisor 08-Oct-2007 05-Nov-2007
Talkshow Moderator 14-Sept-2007 08-Oct-2007
Help Desk Staff 10-Sept-2007 22-Oct-2007
Trialist Help Desk Staff 19-Apr-2007 Unknown
Trialist Radio DJ Unknown 20-July-2006
Help Desk Staff Unknown 16-July-2006

Forum Awards

Forum Award Date Awarded
1 Year Milestone 08-08-2010
Draw My Thing Participant 18-04-2014
2 Year Milestone 02-11-2011
Official Habbox Habbo Group 03-08-2014
3 Year Milestone 02-11-2011
4 Year Milestone 03-08-2014
Habbo UK 12-06-2010
5 Year Milestone 03-08-2014
6 Year Milestone 03-08-2014
7 Year Milestone 27-04-2012
8 Year Milestone 02-08-2012
9 Year Milestone 09-04-2014
HxHD Saturday Night Quiz 02-07-2014
1000 Posts 03-08-2014
2500 Posts 02-08-2014
5000 Posts 12-06-2010
10,000 Posts 01-04-2014
Habbox Events 13-12-2011
Habbox Donator 08-08-2010
Member of the Month 10-02-2013
Posting Statistics Award 12-01-2013
10 Year Achievement 05-09-2014


  • He is often seen to be very sarcastic, but deep down he's very friendly and approachable.
  • Scottish is very well known in the community and can often be found in the Help Desk.
  • In 10 years, Scottish has only ever made 1 referral to the forum; but made a further two on his alternate account, Galaxay.
  • He has posted over 10,000 posts and has more than 9,491 profile page views.