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Joined habbo: 26-Nov-2004
Originally from: (?)
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): General Managemwnt
News Management
Forum Management
Habbox Merit
Reason(s): General Management

Nixt, also known as Garion, has been at Habbox actively as a staff Member since mid-2006 (when his Forum Name was Persevare). His peak in roles were that of Assistant General Manager (Staff), News Manager and (Assistant) Forum Manager. He resigned in 2010 but kept roles at Habbox for over 3 years prior to his departure.

Nixt found himself in various departments, mainly Content related with Forum and News but also took attention to the Community with being a Help Desk Mentor and Habbox Live DJ along with other roles. During his time he held various events such as the Habbox Summer Spectacular Awards Ceremony and General Forum Elections.

After his resignation, Nixt decided to go to ClubHabbo working in a managerial role for the foreseeable future, this later ended and he left Habbo fansites.

Not only did he work tremendously hard as staff, he also was part of redundant departments that have since been removed from Habbox, Productions was the main one.

He now appears in the usergroup Habbox Merit.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Assistant General Manager (Staff) 03-May-2010 11-Oct-2010
Forum Manager 31-Jan-2010 03-May-2010
Assistant Forum Manager 03-Nov-2009 31-Jan-2010
HabboxLive DJ 30-Oct-2009 23-Nov-2009
News Manager 31-Jul-2009 03-Aug-2009
HabboxLive DJ 03-Jun-2009 19-Jul-2009
Assistant Forum Manager 01-May-2009 03-Aug-2009
Forum Super Moderator 24-Mar-2009 01-May-2009
Forum Moderator 02-Feb-2009 24-Mar-2009
Trialist News Reporter 07-Jan-2009 12-Jan-2009
News Reporter 18-Feb-2008 08-Jun-2008
Forum Moderator 12-Nov2007 13-Jan-2008
Talkshow Moderator 05-Nov-2007 18-Dec-2007
Forum Super Moderator 07-Jan-2007 16-May-2007
Head News Reporter 02-Jan-2007 08-Jan-2007
Help Desk Head Of Trialist And Recruitments 02-Jan-2007 11-Jan-2007
Help Desk Leader 29-Dec-2006 11-Jan-2007
Help Desk Mentor 08-Dec-2006 11-Jan-2007
Help Desk Staff 29-Nov-2006 11-Jan-2007
Shows Staff 29-Oct-2006 08-Jun-2008
Head News Reporter 19-Oct-2006 03-Dec-2006
Shows Staff 14-Sep-2006 01-Dec-2006
Competitions Staff 03-Sept-2006 08-Jun-2008
Forum Moderator 26-Aug-2006 03-Jan-2007
News Reporter 04-Jun-2006 12-Oct-2006