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Birmingham City FC, formerly known as Mexel and t.h.o.m.a.s has been at Habbox since the 24th October 2004 (one of the first members) and over his time has gained various roles mainly in the Content and Forum departments. Mexel was a part of various departments at Habbox that no longer exist on the site, roles of Themepark Staff, Shows Staff and Habbox Forum Canada Manager were more based round the years he was with the fansite. He helped build each one with his work and dedication in the departments and he was also appeared to be the final Canada Manager for Habbox before it was closed down; he worked on the international side of Habbox before the merge occurred in 2010 regardless of not being an international member of staff. This also opened doors for other staff members and expanded the market for the Habbox fansite. He sometimes visits the Forum still with his last one being at the end of 2012; he still speaks to members of the forum and due to his work as management for the Canada Forum he gained merit on the Forum which very few have.

Past Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Trialist News Reporter 06-Sep-2005 11-Sep-2005
Shows Staff 30-Jan-2006 10-Apr-2006
Themepark Staff 28-Mar-2006 10-Mar-2012
Shows Staff 20-Jun-2006 13-Sep-2006
Graphics Designer 29-Jun-2006 05-Oct-2006
HabboxLive DJ 26-Jul-2006 13-Dec-2013
Forum Moderator 08-Aug-2006 23-Sep-2006
Habbox Forum Canada Manager 10-Aug-2006 -
Trialist Help Desk Staff 18-Apr-2007 02-May-2007