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HabboPlayNice (also spelt with a hashtag as #HabboPlayNice) is a campaign based around anti-bullying week on Habbo. It was officially revealed on the 22nd September 2014 via the Group Forums and on the Habbo.com website newsreel and is expected to finish on the 28th September. All users who join the official group "#HabboPlayNice" are expected to receive a badge after the campaign has ended.

At present, two different competitions exist in this campaign:

  • Use Your Words: Users have to come up with a phrase no longer than 10 words long, that encourages someone who is experiencing bullying to feel better. All who submit valid entries are to be awarded with a badge at the end of the campaign, and 20 of the phrases will be displayed in an article and potentially an Official Room.
  • Pick of the pack - Habbo Bully-free Zones: To acquire a staff-pick achievement, users must tag their room "habbobullyfree" and write a small room description about why their room safeguards against bullying.

Discussions about the ignore feature and the future of Habbo Guardians have also taken place on the official forums.