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K@boom has been at Habbox since 2004 when he was giving the role as Habbox Trading Expert in the Rare Values Team. He first joined Habbox due to playing Habbo in which he signed upto in November 2002; overall, he has been a part of Habbox for 8 years.

His main vocation at Habbox was the Rare Values side and he was lucky enough to be appointed the first Rare Values Manager which he gained in July 2004, just months after originally joining! Unfortunately, his reign didn't last long and he resigned from the role in December 2004.

He switched roles from the manager to a Games Designer; a department that no longer exists on Habbox and went on to create the game 'Habbo Dress Up' which was placed on Habbox.com for years afterwards. Although, after many updates and revamped versions for the site this game was no longer available. He released the game in January 2005 and for his hard work and dedication he was promoted to Games Design Manager in February 2005, a year after the release of his game. Again, he didn't stay in the role long (only a couple of months) but got re-hired again afterwards. He then went on to create four more games but sadly, the Games Design Team closed in January 2007 which made him resign from all of Habbox due to real life issues.

He doesn't visit the forum often now but during his time he was also Help Desk, Site Design And Forum Departments.