Classic Battle Ball

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Classic Battle Ball
Release date: August 2016
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club

Classic Battle Ball is a serie of Room Bundles based on the old Battle Ball game and symbolize the lounges before players were be teleported into the game. The room bundles were released as Classic Habbo Bundles in August and September 2016.

The furniture was not sold independently from the bundles. How ever the furniture is available in Builders Club


These were in all the bundles (Except for the pillar, there's blue pillar in the Blue Battle Ball Lounge)

Name Image
Classic BB Table ClassicBB Table.png
Classic BB Ticket ClassicBB Ticket.png
Classic BB Floor ClassicBB Floor.png
Classic BB Pillar 3 ClassicBB Pilar3.png

Classic Battle Ball Lounge

Name Image
Classic BB Bench ClassicBB Bench.png
Classic BB Carpet Floor ClassicBB Carpet.png
Classic BB Chair ClassicBB Chair.png
Classic BB Divider ClassicBB Divider.png
Classic BB Plant ClassicBB Plant.png
Classic BB Sofa ClassicBB Sofa.png
Classic BB Stool ClassicBB Stool.png
Classic BB Wall 4 ClassicBB Wall4.png
Classic BB Wall 8 ClassicBB Wall8.png

Orange Battle Ball Lounge

Name Image
Classic BB Bench ClassicBB BenchOrange.png
Classic BB Carpet Floor ClassicBB CarpetOrange.png
Classic BB Chair ClassicBB ChairOrange.png
Classic BB Divider ClassicBB DividerOrange.png
Classic BB Plant ClassicBB PlantOrange.png
Classic BB Sofa ClassicBB SofaOrange.png
Classic BB Stool ClassicBB StoolOrange.png
Classic BB Wall 2 ClassicBB Wall2.png
Classic BB Wall 6 ClassicBB Wall6.png

Green Battle Ball Lounge

Name Image
Classic BB Bench ClassicBB BenchGreen.png
Classic BB Carpet Floor ClassicBB CarpetGreen.png
Classic BB Chair ClassicBB ChairGreen.png
Classic BB Divider ClassicBB DividerGreen.png
Classic BB Plant ClassicBB PlantGreen.png
Classic BB Sofa ClassicBB SofaGreen.png
Classic BB Stool ClassicBB StoolGreen.png
Classic BB Wall 3 ClassicBB Wall3.png
Classic BB Wall 7 ClassicBB Wall7.png

Purple Battle Ball Lounge

Name Image
Classic BB Bench ClassicBB BenchPurple.png
Classic BB Carpet Floor ClassicBB CarpetPurple.png
Classic BB Chair ClassicBB ChairPurple.png
Classic BB Divider ClassicBB DividerPurple.png
Classic BB Plant ClassicBB PlantPurple.png
Classic BB Sofa ClassicBB SofaPurple.png
Classic BB Stool ClassicBB StoolPurple.png
Classic BB Wall 5 ClassicBB Wall5.png
Classic BB Wall 9 ClassicBB Wall9.png

Blue Battle Ball Lounge

Name Image
Classic BB Divider ClassicBB DividerBlue.png
Classic BB Lock ClassicBB Lock.png
Classic BB Pillar 1 ClassicBB Pilar1Blue.png
Classic BB Pillar 2 ClassicBB Pillar2Blue.png
Classic BB Railing ClassicBB Railing.png
Classic BB Tile Floor ClassicBB TileFloor.png
Classic BB Wall 1 ClassicBB Wall1.png

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