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Chantelle, also known as Chantellehugs and PrincessChic3, has been at Habbox since 2008. She has appeared as an active Forum member, (Assistant) Manager and staff member.

Chantelle first gained roles in the News Department and Articles Department. She passed both trials but unfortunately the Articles Department closed thus staff had to officially resign. However, she left the News Department too but returned just days later to continue with the Content role.

After her Content roles, Chantelle decided to go on to the Community side of Habbox, having gained a trial in the Competitions, Events and Help Desk departments.

Chantelle resigned from the News Department in 2009 and stuck to the community side of Habbox - but she became a Trialist News Reporter again in 2011 under Nuxty in which she passed.

Months later she resigned yet again only to return in July 2011 - this time she was given Senior News Reporter and 10 days later she was Assistant News Manager, running alongside Arfar.

She helped run the department for 2 months before resigning - she currently hasn't returned to any departments at Habbox but sometimes visits the forum.