American Idol Jukebox

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American Idol Jukebox

The American Idol Jukebox was released for the campaign of American Idol which was brought to players at the start of 2009. It was released on 20th February and it was accompanied by the Piano and Chair, Audience Seat and Flat Screen TV (although the TV no longer exists on the hotel).

It is one of the only items whereby you can play Trax from it, meaning that you can gain the Music Listener Achievement from it likewise to the American Idol Trax Machine.

For a period of time the Jukebox was tradeable and was worth approximately 100 Credits. Unfortunately, the feature ended and Habbo decided to remove the tradeable function, leaving players with a loss of credits and negative responses; this was due to no others (apart from the Trax Machine in the same campaign) being tradeable.

The item works well in party rooms and discos due to its appearance, highlighting the American Idol colours.