Orange Tree

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Orange Tree
Eco tree orange.gif
Motto: Actually, the tree is green...
Release date May 2009
Rare Values
Category Ecotron
Super Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Orange Tree is a Rare that was first released when the Ecotron was updated to V2 in early 2009. The Orange Tree, along with the Pear Tree, were replaced by the mushrooms as the top two rarest rewards. Users had a 1:200 (Phenomenal) chance of winning an Orange Tree from the Ecotron. The Orange Tree was later replaced by the Red Mushroom and was no longer a reward from the Ecotron, thus meaning it can now only be obtained via trade and the Marketplace.

Due to the way the Orange Tree was obtainable it was originally classed as a Super Rare as it wasn't available via a competition or as a direct purchase in the Catalogue. Super Rare classification has since changed in order to be more concerned with scarcity and value, changing how many Ecotron items are classed, but the Orange Tree remains in the Super Rare category.


  • The Orange Tree is literally an orange-shaped tree, just like the Pear Tree is pear-shaped.
  • The Orange Tree, just like its rarer counterpart , the Pear Tree, had a witticism in its motto, which is: "Actually, the tree is green".


Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client) Number Owner Updated
- Santa's Magic Cave - 1 .:xbigbenx:. 23-Jul-2019
Sakura Garden Auction 1 Promiscuous? 21-Sept-2020
Heavenly Auctions 1 Mockingbirdz 06-Oct-2020
Symmetry in Disunity 1 HOSKO02 04-Jan-2021
1 .x.J.x. 14-Nov-2020