Pear Tree

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Pear Tree
Eco tree pear 001.gif
Motto: You'll want a pair of these...
Release date 2009
Category Super Rare
Value Habbox Rare Values

The Pear Tree is a Super Rare that was first released when the Ecotron was updated to V2 in early 2009. The Pear Tree, along with the Orange Tree, were replaced by the mushrooms as the top two rarest rewards. Users had a 1:2000 (Urban Legend) chance of winning a Pear Tree from the Ecotron. The Pear Tree was later replaced by the Witch Mushroom and was no longer a reward from the Ecotron and can now only be obtained via trade and the Marketplace. Given the limited timeframe the Pear Tree was available and the extreme rarity in odds to obtain from the Ecotron, there are very few remaining active examples of the item left in game.

Known Owners

Here are confirmed owners and known examples of the Pear Tree on

Owner Quantity Updated Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Hx.Ben 2 01-Apr-2020 Ben's Castle
B 8 23-Sept-2020 # Rare Trade Forum
Fernystein 1 28-Mar-2020 Rare Garden
.:xbigbenx:. 1 23-Jul-2019 - Santa's Magic Cave -
Sazzy168 2 23-Jul-2019 - RARE TRADE ROOM #Nostalgia
SirGabba 1 26-Oct-2020
.x.J.x. 1 14-Nov-2020
Frission 1 24-Nov-2020 [Frission] Memories

*If not in room, then may be used in event builds

chidiva 1 24-Nov-2020 <compwinner> Barn
Total 18


  • The Pear Tree is literally a Pear-Shaped Tree, just like the Orange Tree is Orange-Shaped.
  • The Pear Tree , just like its counterpart , the Orange Tree, had a pun in its motto, which is:"You'll want a pair of these...".
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