DJ Shadow

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Joined Habbo 07-Aug-2005
HxF username DJ_Shadow
Also known as Harry
Former Habbox Staff
Highest Role(s): Rare Values Manager

DJ_Shadow, also known as Harry, is a former Rare Values Manager at Habbox. He was a former Events Organiser in 2016, a Content Designer in 2013 and has been credited for all his valuable contributions of history and values for Habbox. He joined the Habbo UK Hotel on 8th July 2005 under the username, yourgame652.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Rare Values Manager 21-Sept-2017 27-Nov-2018
Rare Values Advisor 14-May-2014 21-Sept-2017
Events Organiser 10-Nov-2016 July-2017
Content Designer 26-Jan-2016 02-Apr-2016
Content Designer 07-Oct-2013 22-Jan-2014

Rare Collection

Below are some of the more exclusive notable items he owns. You can find more in his rooms Ultra Rare Trade and The Habbo Experience

Notable Super Rares

Rare Name Quantity
2009 Habbo Trophy (Blank) 1
ads_campguitar 1
Amber Floor Rug 1
Army Plasto Chair 1
Duo Bubbles Trophy (Blank) 1
Glitched 'Username' Trophy 3
Gold Habbo Trophy (Entirely Blank) 1
Le Diner Poster 1
Scripted 'UE' Trophy (Blank - no name/date) 2
The Moodi Machine 1


  • Owner of the Ultra Rare Trade Forum on Habbo, the most viewed forum with around 500 regular users.
  • Previously owned a very successful airport in 2010, under his original name yourgame652.
  • Made his first auction house in 2006, before it was cool. However, in the days before groups and Wired, it had limited functionality and never properly took off.
  • The user DJ_Shadow is based on a character from an old Habbo tutorial video from 2006, called the Habbo Experience. For this reason, it is factually wrong if he wears different clothes.
  • His favourite furniture is the DJ Turntable