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Joined Habbo 19-Apr-2020
HxF username Rakurim
Also known as Raku
Habbox Staff
Current role(s) Content Designer (Jul 2020-)

Rakurim joined on 11-Jan-2005 and was an active part of the german Habbo and Habbo Fansite community, working closely with german Habbo staff organizing events. In 2012 he left Habbo Hotel in protest of the closure of the german Habbo office and the connected lay-offs of all german Habbo Staff members - as he didn't agree with the circumstances of said lay-offs. 8 years later in 2020 Rakurim decided to return to Habbo but this time become a member of instead.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Content Designer 08-Jul-2020 12-Nov-2020
Help Desk Staff 12-May-2020 28-Jun-2020