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Joined habbo: 01-Oct-2010
HxF username: Black_Apalachi
Also known as: Rob
Former Habbox Staff
Highest role(s): News Management

Robald first joined Habbox on the 1st October 2010 and had various aliases including Sergio, PrtScn and Black_Apalachi. Although he only signed up to the Forum in October, he was known as early as July in the same year due to winning events for Habbox.

He gained his first role as a Trialist News Reporter, moving up the ranks in the department quickly until he became the Assistant News Manager on the 22nd April 2007. He managed to withhold the role six months before resigning.

After his time within the News Department, Robald ventured on to the community departments of Habbox including the Help Desk and Rare Values Departments. He also returned to his previous role as Assistant News Manager helping BritishTea run the department; he entirely resigned from all his roles on 16th October 2009 and then became inactive on the Forum in 2010 - he no longer visits.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Assistant News Manager 14-Aug-2009 16-Oct-2009
Rare Values Reporter 29-Jan-2008 16-Oct-2009
Help Desk Staff 21-Jan-2008 16-Oct-2009
Assistant News Manager 22-Apr-2007 12-Oct-2007
News Reporter 28-Jan-2007 22-Apr-2007