Postbank Safe

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Postbank Safe
Release date: December 2007 January 2008 ( Only)
Rare Values

The Postbank Safe is a furni exclusive to and was given out in December 2007 and January 2008. It was part of the Postbank promotion about opening Easy Blue accounts. This promotion also included making a Habbowood movie about the promotion.

To get a Postbank Safe, users had to join the competition by answering 3 questions related to the Postbank Bizznizz topics with the help of the Postbank website. If they answered all the questions correctly, they had to provide their email adress to get a furni code. The code had to be redeemed on the 'Buy Credits' page, users automatically got the safe in their hand. Habbo gave out 10.000 of these safes.

Club Massiva

Club Massiva had changed their look and name to Postbank Bizznizz Lounge. If you clicked on the billboard in the lounge you got to the postbank website where you found more information about the Easy Blue accounts. Habbo's could even upload their own habbo to their Postbank card.

Eventually in 2009 when the Postbank changed their name to ING, habbo had to change the Bizznizz lounge too.

ING Bizznizz Awards

When the ING Bizznizz lounge was created, habbo made 4 groups

  • The ING Lounge group
  • The Handymans
  • The Professors
  • The Rule-followers

Everyday one of the groups had to face a challenge where u could win a badge and a completely decorated room.


Name Description Image
ING Badge Zelf je geldzaken regelen met Bizznizz! ING01.gif
Klussers De ING Bizznizz Awards ING02.gif
Professors De ING Bizznizz Awards ING03.gif
Regelneven De ING Bizznizz Awards ING04.gif


Known Examples

Here are confirmed owners of The Postbank Safe on

Owner Quantity Last Updated
Hilvaro 4 November 8th, 2019


  • It resembles the Area Safe
  • Users could participate twice a day on the following days: December the 27th, 28th and 31st. And January the 1st and 2nd
  • You could only win 1 furni code per email adress, but 2 codes per ip-adress.
  • After the promotion was over, the postbank logo was removed and the name has been changed at first, but when the ING Bizznizz awards launched, they added the logo again.
  • The badges are removed from habbo and therefore can't be shown on habbowidgets either.
  • Although it resembles the Area safe, the Postbank Safe only gives Carrots. While the area safe only gives hot choco

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